Christmas Bird Race 2012

List below updated on: 1/1/13 at 1am.


The rules for the Bird Race are simple:

  • You can spend as little or as much time as you wish looking for birds.
  • Sightings must be on or above the Isle of Man, or on Manx territorial waters.
  • Observations must be made within the 7 day period from Christmas Day to the end of the year (between 00.00 on 25/12/2012 and 24:00 on 31/12/2012).
  • It isn’t a competition between individual birdwatchers, the aim is for Manx birdwatchers to work together to see the maximum number of species possible.
  • You can submit sightings either by email to, by using the reporting form, by Twitter (to ‘@ManxBirdLife’, use the Hashtag #ManxBirdRace), Facebook or by text message to 07976 421992.
  • For all observations, send your name, the date and place of the observation, what you saw (Name of species, how many) and any interesting aspects of what you saw.
  • This race is just for fun – no prizes.

Download a handy Recording Sheet by clicking here. Take this out with you when you go birdwatching. Tick off the species as they are seen and use it to send in your own sightings.

Please note: Taking part in the Bird Race does not imply or grant permission to enter onto any private property, including the Point of Ayre Gravel Pits. Please also consider the welfare of birds and other wildlife when taking part. Thank you.

In the list below, Y or N indicates whether that species was seen or not.

Common English Name Seen (Y/N)
Mute Swan Y
Whooper Swan Y
Black Swan Y
Pink-footed Goose N
White-fronted Goose N
Greylag Goose Y
Canada Goose Y
Barnacle Goose Y
Brent Goose Y
Shelduck Y
Wigeon Y
Gadwall Y
Teal Y
Mallard Y
Pintail N
Shoveler N
Pochard Y
Tufted Duck Y
Scaup Y
Eider Y
King Eider N
Long-tailed Duck Y
Common Scoter Y
Velvet Scoter N
Goldeneye Y
Smew N
Red-breasted Merganser Y
Goosander Y
Ruddy Duck N
Red Grouse Y
Red-legged Partridge Y
Grey Partridge N
Pheasant Y
Red-throated Diver Y
Black-throated Diver N
Great Northern Diver Y
Little Grebe Y
Great Crested Grebe N
Fulmar Y
Manx Shearwater N
Gannet Y
Cormorant Y
Shag Y
Bittern N
Little Egret Y
Grey Heron Y
Hen Harrier Y
Sparrowhawk Y
Buzzard Y
Kestrel Y
Merlin Y
Peregrine Y
Water Rail N
Moorhen Y
Coot Y
Oystercatcher Y
Ringed Plover Y
Golden Plover Y
Grey Plover Y
Lapwing Y
Knot N
Sanderling Y
Purple Sandpiper Y
Dunlin Y
Jack Snipe Y
Snipe Y
Woodcock Y
Black-tailed Godwit N
Bar-tailed Godwit N
Curlew Y
Common Sandpiper N
Redshank Y
Turnstone Y
Red-necked Phalarope N
Grey Phalarope N
Sabine’s Gull N
Kittiwake Y
Black-headed Gull Y
Mediterranean Gull N
Common Gull Y
Lesser Black-backed Gull N
Herring Gull Y
Yellow-legged Gull N
Iceland Gull N
Glaucous Gull N
Great Black-backed Gull Y
Common Tern N
Arctic Tern N
Guillemot Y
Razorbill Y
Black Guillemot Y
Little Auk N
Puffin N
Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon Y
Stock Dove N
Woodpigeon Y
Collared Dove Y
Barn Owl Y
Tawny Owl N
Long-eared Owl N
Short-eared Owl N
Kingfisher Y
Great Spotted Woodpecker Y
Skylark N
Meadow Pipit Y
Rock Pipit Y
Grey Wagtail Y
Pied Wagtail Y
Waxwing Y
Dipper N
Wren Y
Dunnock Y
Robin Y
Black Redstart N
Stonechat Y
Blackbird Y
Fieldfare Y
Song Thrush Y
Redwing Y
Mistle Thrush Y
Blackcap Y
Yellow-browed Warbler N
Chiffchaff Y
Goldcrest Y
Long-tailed Tit Y
Blue Tit Y
Great Tit Y
Coal Tit Y
Treecreeper Y
Great Grey Shrike N
Magpie Y
Chough Y
Jackdaw Y
Rook Y
Carrion Crow Y
Hooded Crow Y
Raven Y
Starling Y
House Sparrow Y
Tree Sparrow Y
Chaffinch Y
Brambling Y
Greenfinch Y
Goldfinch Y
Siskin Y
Linnet Y
Twite Y
Lesser Redpoll Y
Mealy Redpoll N
Arctic Redpoll N
Common Crossbill N
Lapland Bunting N
Snow Bunting N
Yellowhammer N
Reed Bunting Y
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