Manx BirdLife test drives new website

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If you are reading this post, chances are you're visiting our new website!

New Manx BirdLife website
New Manx BirdLife website

We are currently testing this new website (currently 'in beta') and would welcome your feedback. Is it an improvement on the previous website, is there anything missing that you would find useful, have we made any glaring mistakes?

As well as a bright new look, there's an updated sightings report form. In fact, there are two forms for you to try. Let us us know which one you prefer using.

There are also details about our Garden Birdwatch scheme, kindly sponsored by the Manx Ornithological Society. For those who find injured or orphaned birds, there's advice on what to do, as well as useful codes of conduct to guide birdwatchers and photographers in their activities.

Please take a good look around the site and send your feedback to neilgmorris | at |

Thank you.