The Manx Bird Report, published in Peregrine

The Annual Manx Bird ReportAll sightings of wild birds are collated by Manx Birdlife then reviewed and published by the Manx Ornithological Society in its journal, Peregrine.

The Manx Bird Report was first published by the Manx Field Club under the title Yn Shirragh ny Ree in 1941. Today, Peregrine provides a vehicle for the publication of natural history records of general interest in addition to the bird report.

Current and back copies of Peregrine are available from the Secretary of the Manx Ornithological Society (MOS).

You may browse the full list of articles published in Peregrine from 1941 to 2015.

See also the official Manx List, the complete list of all bird species recorded in the wild in the Isle of Man.