Avian Influenza (bird flu) Winter 2021-22

The IOM Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) has provided an update on Avian Influenza (bird flu) for winter 2021-22.

The DEFA update covers:

  1. Updates;
  2. General background about Avian Influenza;
  3. Advice for Bird Keepers;
  4. Notes about wild birds.

As yet, there is no advice to stop feeding garden birds.

Summary of advice relating to wild birds
  • Do not touch dead birds;
  • There is no need to report single instances of dead small birds;
  • If you find single or multiple dead wild waterfowl (swans, geese or ducks) or other dead wild large birds, such as gulls or birds of prey, or multiple smaller dead birds (6+ in one location) and they're freshly dead, you are asked to contact: Animal Health Team – Regulation Directorate, telephone:+44 1624 685844 or email via https://www.gov.im/about-this-site/contact-us/?contactid=3604.

For more information about reporting dead birds and the facts about Avian influenza, visit https://www.gov.im/categories/business-and-industries/agriculture/types-of-notifiable-diseases/avian-influenza-bird-flu/.

Further information

For more about this subject, whether you should continue feeding garden birds and the health implications for birds and people, see: