Manx BirdLife Education Programme

Birdwatching in St John's

To help children and their families to discover the natural world through the narrative of wild birds; to inspire them to cherish the birds that make the Island home; and to develop a strong sense of responsibility and desire to protect birds and the habitats on which they, and we all, depend.

Discovering fantastic feathers!
What the Programme has to offer

Memorable learning experiences, both in and outside the classroom, which help children to discover the wonder and diversity of birds on the Isle of Man; show them how the health of birds, people and the environment are intertwined; and, in turn, how we can all take positive action to protect the natural world.

For example, in the ‘Birds on Your Doorstep’ session, children discover the birds living in their school grounds and can then take part in real citizen science; counting the birds to inform conservation organisations of populations, which supports conservation work on the Isle of Man and across.

Wild birds and their habitats have great scope for putting learning into a meaningful, local, and global context and for supporting different curriculum areas.

Find out more about the education sessions, assemblies and walks on offer.

Sessions are suitable for Primary Schools and youth groups in the community. Certain sessions can be adapted for adult groups and certain activities can be brought to nature-themed community events.

How to book a session, assembly or walk for your school or community group

Email Anna Graham, Education Manager at or call 01624 861130.

Anna will be pleased to discuss your specific needs and offer suggestions as to how Manx BirdLife can help you and the children for whom you are responsible.

In the first instance, it would be helpful to know which sessions you would like to know more about, or topics you would like support with, as well as a few potential dates for when you would like Anna to visit your school.

Anna Graham, Education Manager, Manx BirdLife
Anna Graham, Education Manager

The Manx BirdLife Education Programme would not be possible without the kind and generous support of the Scheinberg Family.

The Manx BirdLife Education Programme helps to grow support for the wider conservation aims of Manx BirdLife and other conservation organisations on the Isle of Man; all working to protect the Island’s wildlife.

Discover – Cherish – Protect

Herring Gull