Education programme for young people

Manx BirdLife education in action
Manx BirdLife education in action

Our education programme for young people makes learning about birds and their place in nature fun.

For primary-aged children, we offer classroom and field-based activities. These are available to schools and extra-curricular groups and youth organisations.

We believe that through birds we can nurture children and their families to value and protect nature. We can show them how to be part of the solution by becoming informed citizens who can actively participate, for example by collecting data that informs science and governments on the conservation status of birds and their habitats.

Thanks to the kind support of the Scheinberg Family, Manx BirdLife is:

  • Delivering education activities that inspire young people and provide valuable support to busy teachers tasked with delivering the school curriculum
  • Fostering a greater appreciation of the island's birds and other wildlife among the young, and encouraging participation in bird conservation through surveys and censuses of Manx wild birds
  • Growing support for Manx BirdLife's aims - and those of other conservation bodies - to protect the island's vulnerable wildlife habitats and environment
Michelle Storton, Manx BirdLife Education Officer
Michelle Storton, Education Officer

If you would like to know more about our education services - for your school, class or youth group - please call Michelle Storton on 01624 861130 or email michelle | at |

Michelle will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer suggestions as to how Manx BirdLife can help you and the young people for whom you are responsible.

Education resources

Please find below a portfolio of free self-help resources for use in formal and informal education.

  • You can sort the listed resources using the arrows at the top of each column;
  • To download each resource(s) you require, click on the resource name;
  • While you are free to use these resources for your classes and groups, please remember they remain the property and copyright of Manx BirdLife and RSPB-images;
  • We shall be adding to the list of available resources as frequently as we can.


Resource nameTopicRecep'nYr1Yr2Yr3Yr4Yr5Yr6
NEW! Lockdown birdwatch recording formBirdwatching
NEW! Name that birdIdentification
Garden bird identificationBirdwatching
Draw your favourite birdBird Art
Goldcrest colouring sheetBird Art
Goldfinch colouring sheetBird Art
Great Spotted Woodpecker colouring sheetBird Art
Lapwing colouring sheetBird Art
Long-tailed Tit colouring sheetBird Art
Manx Shearwater colouring sheetBird Art
Short-eared Owl colouring sheetBird Art
Woodpigeon colouring sheetBird Art
Home and garden habitats auditHabitats
Our Island birds activity sheetGeneral
Identify our coastal birdsBirdwatching
Bird word mat - high frequency wordsLiteracy
Investigating feathers - six parts of a featherFeathers
Maths challenge (Reception)Numeracy
Migration (Years 1,2)Migration
Habitats and food chains (Yrs 1,2)Habitats
Beak and food identification (KS1)Anatomy
Investigating feathers - colour the duck with wax crayonFeathers
Maths challenge (Year 1)Numeracy
Bird word search (Years 2,3,4)Literacy
Investigating colourFeathers
Maths challenge (Year 2)Numeracy
NEW! Owls worksheet (Year 3)Owl
Maths challenge (Year 3)Numeracy
Investigating colour - camouflageFeathers
Migration (Years 3,4)Migration
Habitats (Yrs 3,4)Habitats
Beak and food identification (KS2)Anatomy
Maths challenge (Year 4)Numeracy
Habitats and living things (Yrs 4,5)Habitats
Maths challenge (Year 5)Numeracy
Habitats (Yr 5)Habitats
Migration (Years 5,6)Migration
Migration wordsearch (Years 5,6)Migration
Habitats (Yr 6)Habitats
Maths challenge (Year 6) ENumeracy