Manx BirdLife selected for Co-op Local Community Fund

We are delighted that this year a Manx BirdLife project to build a Sand Martin bank has been selected as part of the Coop Local Community Fund.

Sand Martin on nesting bank
Sand Martin. David Kjaer. rspb images. Nature After Minerals

At our Point of Ayre nature reserve, we wish to build a nest wall that gives a safe and secure breeding place to more than 50 pairs of Sand Martin, a scarce and declining summer visitor to the Island. The wall will be built next to the reserve’s main track where this charismatic aerial acrobat can be seen and enjoyed at close range hawking for insects.

How to add your support

As a Co-op member, you can choose us as your local cause and make a difference by raising funds for our project every time you shop at Co-op. As a local cause, the project will receive 1p for every £1 spent on Co-op branded products or services over the next year.

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