Published by the Manx Ornithological Society with the support of Manx National Heritage.
Currit magh liorish Sheshaght Eean-oaylleeaght Vannin lesh cooney voish Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin.

Peregrine Vol 13 July 2022 coverOver the years, hundreds of articles including the Manx Bird Report, have appeared in Peregrine, the journal of the Manx Ornithological Society (MOS).

Each article and the issue in which it was published is listed below including volume, number, year of publication, title, author(s), start page, end page and category.

Peregrine was founded in 1941 by Will Cowin and Ken Williamson as the journal of the Manx Field Club and continued under Will Cowin’s guidance until his death in 1958. After this, Field Club members were offered membership of the Field Section of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society, which took over responsibility for the journal.

In 1973, Peregrine became a joint publication of the NH&AS and the Manx Bird Club (now the Manx Ornithological Society). Since 1976, production has been the responsibility of the Manx Ornithological Society.

The MOS is keen to publish general natural history articles of local interest as well as ornithological articles.

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13-2022EditorialChris M. Sharpe45Editorial
13-2022The Manx Bird Report For 2019 & 2020Chris M.Sharpe12150Manx Bird Report
13-2022Summary of Rare and Scarce Birds on the Calf of Man 2019 & 2020Aron Sapsford151154Calf of Man
13-2022Red-flanked Bluetail - A New Bird for the Isle of Man 2020Neil G. Morris and Michael Coupe155156Red-flanked Bluetail
13-2022The Manx Bird ListChris M. Sharpe and Neil G. Morris157165Manx Bird List
13-2022The Manx Ringing Group for 2019 & 2020Mark Fitzpatrick166181Bird ringing
13-2022Chough in the Isle of Man 2019 & 2020Allen S. Moore182186Chough
13-2022Autumn Passage Observations: 'Vismig' at Meayll Hill, Rushen October 2020Brian Kelly and David Kelly187189Migration
13-2022Extinct: The Loss of the Yellowhammer in the Isle of ManDavid Bellamy with Aron Sapsford190211Yellowhammer
13-2022The Manx Butterfly Report for 2019 & 2020Garry Curtis212230Manx Butterfly Report
13-2022The Manx Odonata Report for 2019 & 2020Pete Hadfield231240Manx Odonata Report
13-2022Five More Years of Manx Bat Records 2016-2020Nick Pinder241245Spiders
13-2022Island Spring Under Covid-19 Restrictions 2020Pat Cullen246247Covid-19
13-2022Map of the Isle of Man Showing Stretches of Coast252253Maps
12-2021Obituary and Dedication: Anne Christian KayePat Cullen13Obituary
12-2021EditorialChris Sharpe, Isle of Man National Recorder67Editorial
12-2021The Manx Bird Report for 2017 & 2018Chris M. Sharpe13125Manx Bird Report
12-2021Summary of Rare and Scarce Birds on the Calf of Man 2016-2018Aron Sapsford126130Calf of Man
12-2021Black-winged Stilt - A New Bird for the Isle of Man 2017Edward J. Abraham131131Black-winged Stilt
12-2021The First Proven Record of 'Siberian' Lesser Whitethroat in the Isle of Man 2017Neil J. Morris132133Lesser Whitethroat
12-2021The First Breeding Record of Gadwall in the Isle of Man 2018Edward J. Abraham134134Gadwall
12-2021The Manx Bird ListChris Sharpe and Neil G. Morris135143Manx Bird List
12-2021The Manx Ringing Group Report for 2017 & 2018Mark Fitzpatrick144164Bird ringing
12-2021Chough in the Isle of Man 2017 & 2018Allen S. Moore165171Chough
12-2021Red Grouse in the Isle of Man 2017 & 2018Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes172173Red Grouse
12-2021The Isle of Man Seabird Census 2017-2018Neil G. Morris174175Seabirds
12-2021The Manx Butterfly Report 2017 & 2018Garry Curtis176189Manx Butterfly Report
12-2021Some Odonata Highlights 2018Pete Hadfield190190Odonata
12-2021Lesser Horseshoe Bat - A New Resident Bat Species for the Isle of ManLouise Samson and Nick Pinder191192Bats
12-2021Map of the Isle of Man Showing Stretches of Coast196197Maps
12-2021Errata: Corrections to recent Bird Reports198198Errata
11-2020EditorialChris M. Sharpe22Editorial
11-2020The Manx Bird Report for 2016Allen S. More and Chris M. Sharpe673Manx Bird Report
11-2020The Manx Bird ListChris M. Sharpe and Neil G. Morris7482Manx Bird List
11-2020Manx Ringing Group Report for 2016Mark Fitzpatrick8396Bird ringing
11-2020Chough in the Isle of Man in 2016Allen S. Moore97100Chough
11-2020Red Grouse in the Isle of Man in 2016Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes101101Red Grouse
11-2020Dark-eyed Junco - a New Bird for the Isle of ManDavid Wright102103Dark-eyed Junco
11-2020American Golden Plover at the Ayres NNRDavid Wright104105American Golden Plover
11-2020The First Proven Record of 'Continental' Cormorant in The Isle of Man?Neil G Morris106108Cormorant
11-2020The Manx Butterfly Report for 2016Garry Curtis109114Manx Butterfly Report
11-2020Nathusius' Pipistrelle - A New Bat Species for the Isle of ManNick Pinder115118Bats
1062018EditorialAllen S. Moore624Editorial
1062018The Manx Bird Report for 2015Allen S. Moore625684Manx Bird Report
1062018Manx Ringing Group Report for 2015Kevin Scott, Sean Gray & Louise Samson685701Bird ringing
1062018The Manx Chough Census of 2014 & 2015Allen S. Moore702711Chough
1062018Choughs in the Isle of Man in 2015Allen S. Moore711713Chough
1062018Manx Bat records to 2015Nick Pinder714720Bats
1062018The Manx Butterfly Report for 2015Garry Curtis721727Manx Butterfly Report
1062018Red Grouse in the Isle of Man in 2015Bruce Walker & Dennis Hughes728Red Grouse
1062018Gannets in December 2015Allen S. Moore729730Gannet
1062018Kumlien's Gull - A New Bird for the Isle of Man?Neil G. Morris731732Kumlien's Gull
1062018Rookery Census in 2015J. P. Cullen733Rook
1062018GazetteerAllen S. Moore734738Gazetteer
1062018The Manx Bird List 2018Chris Sharpe739746Manx Bird List
104 & 5To be added
1032015EditorialAllen S. Moore222223Editorial
1032015The Manx Bird Report for 2010 and 2011Allen S. Moore224303Manx Bird Report
1032015Manx Ringing Group Report for 2010 and 2011Kevin Scott304319Bird ringing
1032015Red Grouse in the Isle of Man in 2010 and 2011Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes320321Red Grouse
1032015Choughs in the Isle of Man in 2010, 2011 and 2012Allen S. Moore322331Chough
1032015Obituaries: Franklin Moore and Peter WeaverAllen S. Moore, Pat Cullen332334Obituary
1032015The Manx Bird List 2014341349Manx Bird List
1022014Manx Butterflies in 2009Gail Jeffcoate131132Butterflies
1022014Red Grouse in the Isle of Man 2009Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes133133Red Grouse
1022014Choughs in the Isle of Man in 2009Allen S. Moore134137Chough
1022014Cattle Egrets in the Isle of ManPat Cullen138138Cattle Egret
1022014First nesting of the Buzzard in the Isle of ManGarry Curtis139141Buzzard
1022014Guy Madoc and the Blue Rock ThrushPat Cullen142143Obituary
1022014A Lesser Horseshoe Bat grounded at Glen ChassRichard Selman144146Bats
1022014Manx Ringing Group Report for 2009Kevin Scott147154Bird ringing
1022014The Manx Bird Report for 2009Richard Selman, Allen S Moore & Chris Sharpe, with a summary of the year by Pat Cullen155206Manx Bird Report
1012009The Manx Bird Report for 2008Pat Cullen268Manx Bird Report
1012009Red Grouse in 2008Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes6969Red Grouse
1012009Choughs in the Isle of Man in 2008Allen S. Moore7073Chough
1012009An American Wigeon on LangnessKevin Scott7374American Wigeon
1012009An American Golden Plover at the Point of AyreEdward J Abraham7576American Golden Plover
1012009Manx Ringing Group Report for 2008Kevin Scott7786Bird ringing
1012009Manx Butterflies in 2008Gail and Stephen Jeffcoate8794Butterflies
1012009Current knowledge of the Status of Cetaceans in Manx WatersTom Felce94117Cetaceans
1012009The Manx Bird List 2008123128Manx Bird List
942008The Manx Bird Report for 2007Pat Cullen274327Manx Bird Report
942008Red Grouse in 2007Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes328Red Grouse
942008Choughs in the Isle of Man in 2007Allen S. Moore329333Chough
942008Manx Ringing Group Report for 2007Kevin Scott334339Bird ringing
942008How far do Manx Choughs travel?Allen S. Moore340349Chough
942008Obituary - Gordon Douglas Craine350351Obituary
942008The Manx Bird List 2007357364Manx Bird List
932007The Manx Bird Report for 2006Pat Cullen190239Manx Bird Report
932007Some old unpublished recordsPat Cullen240241Birds
932007Manx Ringing Group Report for 2006Kevin Scott242253Bird ringing
932007Choughs in the Isle of Man 2006Allen S. Moore254256Chough
932007Review - Manx Bird AtlasDavid A. Quine257Manx Bird Atlas
932007Red Grouse - 2006Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes258Red Grouse
932007The Manx Bird List 2007264272Manx Bird List
922006The Manx Bird Report for 2005Pat Cullen86133Manx Bird Report
922006Red Grouse in the Isle of Man 2005Bruce Walker133Red Grouse
922006Early and late dates of migrants in 2005Pat Cullen134135Migration
922006Choughs in the Isle of Man 2005Allen S. Moore136139Chough
9220062004 - A very good year for Choughs in the Isle of ManAllen S. Moore140145Chough
922006Welsh Choughs in the Isle of ManAllen S. Moore146152Chough
922006Report of the Manx Ringing Group 1997 - 2005Kevin Scott153175Bird ringing
922006The Manx Bird List 2006181188Manx Bird List
912005The Manx Bird Report for 2004Pat Cullen256Manx Bird Report
912005A White-rumped Sandpiper on LangnessChris Wormwell5758White-rumped Sandpiper
912005A Ring-necked Duck at the Point of Ayre Gravel PitTed Abraham5960Ring-necked Duck
912005The Red-footed Falcon and the leucistic KestrelPat Cullen and Chris Sharpe6162Red-footed Falcon
912005Rookeries in the Isle of Man - the 2005 censusPat Cullen6370Rook
912005The Manx Bird List 20057684Manx Bird List
842004The Manx Bird Reports for 2003 and 2003Pat Cullen254338Manx Bird Report
842004Choughs in the Isle of Man in 2002, the year of the International CensusAllen S. Moore338343Chough
842004A Desert Wheatear at NiarbylPat Cullen343344Desert Wheatear
842004A King Eider at Rue PointJohn Thorpe344345King Eider
842004The Manx Southern Grey Shrike and some thoughts regarding its raceJohn Thorpe345347Southern Grey Shrike
842004Occurrence of Red-winged Laughingthrushes Garrulax formosus on the Isle of ManJohn Thorpe and Chris Sharpe348351Red-winged Laughingthrush
842004Bats in the Isle of ManAnne Blackwell351355Bats
842004Butterflies of the Isle of Man at the beginning of the 21st centuryStephen Jeffcoate356358Butterflies
842004Manx Bird Atlas - An UpdateChris Sharpe363364Manx Bird Atlas
832003The Manx Bird Reports for 2000 and 2001Pat Cullen and Peter Weaver165226Manx Bird Report
832003Report on Rare and Unusual Birds on the Calf of Man 2000 - 2002Tim Bagworth227230Calf of Man
832003A Wilson's Phalarope at the Point of AyreMalcolm Stott231Wilson's Phalarope
832003A Great White Egret on LangnessPat Cullen232233Great White Egret
832003White-throated SparrowPat Cullen232White-throated Sparrow
832003A Surf Scoter at the LhenJohn Thorpe233234Surf Scoter
832003Rookeries in the Isle of Man - the 2000 censusPat Cullen234242Rook
832003The Manx Bird List 2003Manx Ornithological Society243252Manx Bird List
822002The Manx Bird Reports for 1997Pat Cullen6396Manx Bird Report
822002The Manx Bird Reports for 1998Peter Weaver and Pat Cullen96128Manx Bird Report
822002The Manx Bird Reports for 1999Pat Cullen129154Manx Bird Report
822002Calandra Lark - the first Manx recordChris Sharpe155Calandra Lark
822002The 'Manx' frigatebirdJohn Thorpe156159Magnificent frigatebird
822002Rose-coloured Starling - the first Manx recordAllen S. Moore156Rose-coloured Starling
822002Pectoral SandpipersJohn Thorpe159160Pectoral Sandpiper
812000The Manx Bird Report for 1996Pat Cullen242Manx Bird Report
812000Brian Karran (1932-1999)Gordon Craine42Obituary
812000Rare and unusual birds on the Calf of Man 1994-1995Jason Bishop43Calf of Man
812000Rare and unusual birds on the Calf of Man 1996-1999Tim Bagworth4750Calf of Man
812000Moth and Butterfly Report 1997Gordon Craine5153Butterflies. Moths
812000The Manx Bird AtlasChris Sharpe5455Manx Bird Atlas
812000Breeding of the Golden Plover Pliuvialis apricaria on the Manx HillsJason Bishop and Peter Giovannini5657Golden Plover
812000Unusual SpeciesManx Bird Records Sub-committee58Manx Ornithological Society
751999The Manx Bird Report for 1995Allen S. Moore, Gordon Craine, Pat Cullen, Aron Sapsford, John Thorpe396452Manx Bird Report
751999Corrections and additions to the Manx Bird Report for 1994Allen S. Moore453Manx Bird Report
751999Manx Ringing Group report for 1995 and 1996Aron Sapsford454462Bird ringing
751999The Manx Rookery Census of 1995Pat Cullen463471Rook
751999The Red Grouse in 1995Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes472Red Grouse
751999Little Shearwater off the Calf of Man in 1994John Thorpe473474Little Shearwater
751999Green-winged Teal at Langness - the first Manx recordAron Sapsford and Chris Sharpe474Green-winged Teal
751999A comparison of the status of the Marsh Harrier in Northern Ireland and the Isle of ManDon Scott475481Marsh Harrier
751999Moth and Butterfly Report 1995Gordon Craine482486Butterflies. Moths
751999Moth and Butterfly Report 1996Gordon Craine487492Butterflies. Moths
751999Unusual SpeciesThe Manx Bird Record sub-committee493494Manx Ornithological Society
741999The Manx Bird Report for 1994Gordon Craine and Allen S. Moore296356Manx Bird Report
741999Corrections and additions to previous years' Manx Bird ReportsAllen S. Moore357358Manx Bird Report
741999Manx Ringing Group report 1993 and 1994Aron Sapsford359373Bird ringing
741999Ravens in the Isle of ManAllen S. Moore374389Raven
741999The Red Grouse in 1994Bruce Walker and Denis Hughes390Red Grouse
741999Moth and Butterfly Report for 1994Gordon Craine391394Butterflies. Moths
731995The Manx Bird Report for 1992 and 1993Gordon Craine, Pat Cullen and Allen. S. Moore180282Manx Bird Report
731995The Fulmar in the Isle of Man - population and productivity in 1991 - 1994Allen S. Moore285288Fulmar
731995Golden Eagle over Dalby MountainJason Bishop289Golden Eagle
731995A 'Black' Hen Harrier at Ballaugh CurraghJohn Thorpe and G M Kelly289290Hen Harrier
731995Further notes on the Peregrine (compiled)290291Peregrine
731995Unusual behaviour of StonechatsJ amd M Kneen291Stonechat
731995Moth Report 1993Gordon Craine292293Moths
721994The Manx Bird Records committeePat Cullen8586Manx Ornithological Society
721994The Manx Bird Report 1991Allen S. Moore and Gordon Craine87143Manx Bird Report
721994Manx Ringing Report 1991 and 1992Brian Karran144151Bird ringing
721994Rare Birds on the Calf of Man 1991 - 1993Norman McCanch152154Calf of Man
721994Shorebird study of LangnessIan Mitchell155160Shorebirds
721994Chough survey 1992Aron Sapsford and Allen S. Moore161169Chough
721994Moth reports 1991 and 1992Gordon Craine170174Moths
721994A Clouded Yellow Year 1992Gary M. Curtis175176Butterflies
711991The Manx Bird Report 1990Tony Hopson and Allen S. Moore339Manx Bird Report
711991Manx Ringing Report 1990Brian Karran4042Bird ringing
711991Report on the birds of the Calf 1990Aron Sapsford4344Calf of Man
711991The occurrence of a Night Heron Nycticorax Nycticorax, a species new to the Isle of ManTony Hopson and Allen S. Moore4546Night Heron
711991Choughs in winter: observations of Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax during the winter 1990-1991Allen S. Moore4753Chough
711991Land use change and birds in the Isle of ManGwyn Williams5459Miscellaneous
711991Observations of migration of Hen Harriers (Circus cyaneus) in the Isle of ManJohn Thorpe59Hen Harrier
711991Manx Bat records 1991Sandra M Bolton6061Bats
711991New microlepidotera for the Isle of Man in 1990Gordon Craine61Moths
711991Recent records of rarer Manx lepidopteraGordon Craine6272Lepidoptera
711991Some recent records of fleas (insecta: siphonaptera) for the Isle of ManJames Rogers7374Fleas
711991Hedgerow and willow basketry in the Isle of ManLarch S. Garrard7577Plants
711991International Chough Survey78Chough
711991Mammal records78Mammals
711991Manx Ornithological Society78Manx Ornithological Society
641990The Manx Bird Report 1989Tony Hopson and Allen S. Moore238Manx Bird Report
641990Manx Ringing report 1989Brian Karran3941Bird ringing
641990Report on the birds of the Calf 1988David Walker4245Calf of Man
641990Report on the birds of the Calf 1989Aron Sapsford4649Calf of Man
641990Records of the Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris) in Glen Rushen during 1989Allen S. Moore and John Thorpe5051Fieldfare
641990Manx Rookery Census 1990Pat Cullen5259Rook
641990Macrolepidoptera new to Manx fauna since 1970Gordon Craine6063Lepidoptera
641990Records of lepidoptera new to the Manx fauna 1987-1989Gordon Craine6465Lepidoptera
641990Some recent bat recordsNick Pinder and Sandra Bolton6667Bats
641990Stuart Collister (1939 - 1990)6869Obituary
641990Manx Ornithological Society71Manx Ornithological Society
631989The Manx Bird Report 1987Pat Cullen227Manx Bird Report
631989Ringing Report 1987Brian Karran2831Bird ringing
631989Report on the birds of the Calf 1986-1987David Walker3235Calf of Man
631989The Manx Bird Report 1988Tony Hopson and Allen S. Moore3665Manx Bird Report
631989Ringing Report 1988Brian Karran6668Bird ringing
6319891987 - a mixed year for the Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus)Bruce Walker6970Red Grouse
631989Black Guillemots (Cephus grylle) in the Isle of Man in 1987Allen S. Moore7173Black Guillemot
631989Breeding gulls on LangnessAllen S. Moore7475Gulls
631989Breeding of the Corncrake (Crex crex) in the Isle of ManJohn Thorpe7677Corncrake
631989Some previously unpublished bird records77Birds
631989Recent survey work on Manx invertebratesLarch S. Garrard7881Invertebrates
631989Cochlicella acuta (Muller) Point Snail in the Isle of ManLarch S. Garrard82Snails
621987The Manx Bird Report 1985Pat Cullen and Allen S. Moore327Manx Bird Report
621987Ringing Report 1985Brian Karran2830Bird ringing
621987The Manx Bird Report 1986Pat Cullen3156Manx Bird Report
621987Ringing Report 1986Brian Karran5760Bird ringing
621987Report on the birds of the Calf 1984-1985David Walker6163Calf of Man
621987The numbers and distribution of seabirds breeding on the Isle of Man during 1985-1986Allen S. Moore6480Seabirds
621987Use of nests of other birds by Fulmers in 1985-1986Allen S. Moore8081Fulmar
621987Unusual markings of juvenile Hen HarriersJohn Thorpe81Hen Harrier
621987Notes on the Red Grouse in the Isle of Man in 1986Bruce Walker8182Red Grouse
621987Mass migration of WheatearsJohn Thorpe8283Wheatear
621987A Jay near Cronk y VoddyJohn Thorpe8384Jay
621987Siskin summerPat Cullen8485Siskin
621987Manx plant records 1982 - 1986David Allen and Larch S. Garrad8588Plants
611985The Manx Bird Report 1984Allen S. Moore and Pat Cullen331Manx Bird Report
611985Ringing Report 1984Brian Karran3235Bird ringing
611985The first Manx nest of the Red-breasted MerganserPat Cullen35Red-breasted Merganser
611985Manx Rookeries in 1985Pat Cullen3641Rook
611985Robin taking food pelletsDouglas Tinkler42Robin
611985The Chough in the Isle of Man in 1984Allen S. Moore4345Chough
611985Hoverflies in the Isle of ManSteve Crellin4546Hoverflies
611985The Fulmar in the Isle of Man, 1927-1984Allen S. Moore4759Fulmar
611985The Little Egret - a new Manx birdPat Cullen60Little Egret
561984The Manx Bird report 1983Allen S. Moore245271Manx Bird Report
561984Ringing Report 1983Brian Karran272276Bird ringing
561984Recent additions to the Manx bird list from the Calf of Man and further records of some scarce migrantsAdrian del Nevo277281Calf of Man
561984An instance of co-operative breeding in the ChoughPete Jennings282Chough
561984Selfish, false alarm - calling by female BlackbirdPete Jennings283Blackbird
561984Unusual nest of MagpiePete Jennings283Magpie
561984Nesting of Common Gull in a Manx gravel pitPat Cullen284Common Gull
561984Merlin entering rabbit holesTom Whipp284Merlin
561984A probable first Manx record of ChervilLarch S. Garrard285Plants
551983The Manx Bird Report 1982Pat Cullen and Allen S. Moore197220Manx Bird Report
551983Ringing Report 1982Brian Karran221224Bird ringing
551983The recent status of the Manx Shearwater on the Calf of ManPete Jennings225Manx Shearwater
551983The Choughs of the CalfIan Bullock and Adrian del-Nevo226229Chough
551983The Chough on the Isle of ManIan Bullock, D.R. Drewitt and S.P. Mickleburgh229237Chough
551983A survey of Ravens in the Isle of ManGraham Elliott and John Nuttall238239Raven
551983Peregrine prey on the Calf of ManPete Jennings240Peregrine
551983Miscellaneous recordsLarch S. Garrard241Miscellaneous
551983John Nuttall242Obituary
541982The Manx Bird report 1981Pat Cullen130156Manx Bird Report
541982Ringing report 1981Brian Karran157160Bird ringing
541982Scarce migrants on the Calf of Man in 1981 including two additions to the Manx listPete Jennings161163Calf of Man
541982Some notes on breeding Cormorants near Maughold HeadGraham Elliott163164Cormorant
541982Tree selection in Manx rookeriesPat Cullen165166Rook
541982Short notes on five new species - Black-browed AlbatrossIain Watt166167Black-browed Albatross
541982Short notes on five new species - Bee-eaterJ.D.F. Corlett167Bee-eater
541982Short notes on five new species - Monarch or Milkweed ButterflyJohn Hedges167Butterflies
541982Short notes on five new species - Mediterranean GullKeith Johnson167Mediterranean Gull
541982Short notes on five new species - NuthatchJoy and Stuart Nixon167Nuthatch
541982The Rookeries of the Isle of ManPat Cullen168193Rook
541982Species of fungi added to the Manx list in 1981D.J. Milne194Fungi
531981The Manx Bird Report 1980Pat Cullen80109Manx Bird Report
531981Ringing Report 1980Brian Karran109111Bird ringing
531981Bird ringing at Cronk Aash 1969-1980Brian Karran112113Bird ringing
531981Recent additions to the Manx bird list from the Calf of Man, and further records of some scarce migrantsPete Jennings114119Calf of Man
531981A Long-billed Dowitcher on LangnessPat Cullen120122Long-billed Dowitcher
531981An analysis of Long-eared Owl pelletsJohn Nuttall122Long-eared Owl
531981Thoughts on the protection of Little TernsStephen Davies123124Little Tern
531981Lepidoptera records 1979 and 1980Larch S. Garrard124125Lepidoptera
531981Notes on some introduced speciesLarch S. Garrard125126Miscellaneous
531981Additions to the list of Manx fungiD.J. Milne127Fungi
521980The Manx Bird Report 1979Pat Cullen3863Manx Bird Report
521980Ringing Report 1979Brian Karran6465Bird ringing
521980Bird ringing in the Dog Mills Lough and Ballaugh CurraghsMark Fitzpatrick6667Bird ringing
521980A review of the status of Terns in the Isle of ManPat Cullen6873Terns
521980First breeding of the Tufted Duck in the Isle of ManMark Fitzpatrick73Tufted Duck
521980A Ring Ouzel in mid winterAllen S. Moore74Ring Ouzel
521980Wren feeding juvenile Blue TitJean Sayle74Wren
521980Further research on Manx spidersLarch S. Garrard7576Spiders
521980The Manx Nature Conservation TrustFelicity Cain77General
511979The Manx Bird Report 1978Pat Cullen222Manx Bird Report
511979Ringing Report 1978Brian Karran2324Bird ringing
511979Bird ringing at the Ballaugh CurraghsMark Fitzpatrick25Bird ringing
511979A survey of the Ayres beachColin Moore2629General
511979Some early records of Manx birdsLarch S. Garrard3031Birds
511979Alpine Swifts at Maughold HeadPat Cullen3132Alpine Swift
511979Arctic Redpoll on the Calf of Man - first Manx recordSteve Madge3334Arctic Redpoll
511979A Crane at ScarlettPeter Marshall33Crane
511979Miscellaneous recordsLarch S. Garrard3436Miscellaneous
511979Unusual Peregrine kill, a Woodlark at CranstalPeter Oxenham34Woodlark
461978The Manx Bird Report 1977Pat Cullen239259Manx Bird Report
461978Ringing Report 1977Roy Cripps260261Bird ringing
461978Plants new to the Manx coastLarch S. Garrard261262Plants
461978Four new records of spiders from the Isle of ManJohn E. Dalingwater and John H Kennaugh263Spiders
461978A census of breeding Ravens in the Isle of ManPat Cullen264273Raven
461978Recent additions to the Manx bird list from the Calf of ManBob Haycock274280Calf of Man
461978Common Bird Census in Cooil DharryFelicity Cain281282General
461978Nesting of the Hen Harrier in the Isle of ManJohn McIntyre, John and Margaret Kneen and Pat Cullen283284Hen Harrier
461978A Red-backed Shrike at Port ErinBrian Karran285Red-backed Shrike
461978Lepidoptera 1977Larch S. Garrard286Lepidoptera
461978Kenneth Williamson, F.R.S.E. (1914 - 1977)Ted Kerruish287Obituary
451977EditorialJ P Cullen203Editorial
451977The Manx Bird Report 1976J P Cullen204225Manx Bird Report
451977Ringing ReportRoy Cripps226227Bird ringing
451977The Manx Ornithological Society227MOS Officers
451977Manx Lepidoptera RecordsLarch Garrad228230Butterfies. Moths
451977Records of Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles 1976Larch Garrad231Mammals. Amphibians. Reptiles
451977New Species of Fungi 1976J E & D E Milne232Fungi
451977Marsh Warbler on the Calf of ManMalcolm Wright232235Marsh Warbler & Calf rarities
451977First Record of the Goshawk in the Isle of ManJeffrey Harrison236Goshawk
451977First Record of Temminck's Stint in the Isle of ManPat Cullen236Temminck's Stint
451977An Unusual Magpie Nest on the Calf of ManBob Haycock237Calf of Man. Magpie
441976The Manx Bird Report 1975J P Cullen164185Manx Bird Report
441976Ringing Report of the Manx Ornithological SocietyRoy Cripps186188Bird ringing
441976Owls and Rumours of OwlsJ P C189Owls
441976Rookeries in the Isle of Man - 1975 CensusJ P Cullen190196Rooks
441976New Species of Fungi - 1974J E & D J Milne197202Fungi
441976New Species of Fungi - 1975J E & D J Milne202Fungi
441976Manx Ornithological SocietyMOS
431975The Manx Ornithological Society-163MOS
431975The Manx Bird Report 1973J P Cullen103122Manx Bird Report
431975The Manx Bird Report 1974J P Cullen123140Manx Bird Report
431975A Review of the Status of Certain Less Common BirdsJ P Cullen143146Kingfisher. Nightjar
431975Recoveries of Ringed Birds on the Isle of Man 1973147148Bird ringing
431975The Ayres, Isle of ManBritish Lichen Society148Lichens
431975Manx Fungus Records 1970R W G Dennis149157Fungi
431975Fieldwork on the Moths of the CalfJ D Martin158160Calf of Man. Moths
431975Help Wanted162Trees
421973Additions to the Manx Flowering Plant List, 1969-1973D E Allen5561Flora
421973Lepidoptera Record 1972K M Bond61Moths
421973A Review of the Status of Certain Less Common BirdsJ P Cullen6268Bittern. Common Sandpiper. Dipper
421973Wildlife Records 1969-19726970Wildlife - general
421973Non-marine Moluscs of the Isle of Man IIIL S Garrad7172Non-marine Molluscs
421973Manx Fungi Records. 1970. 1971.1972J E & D J Milne7378Fungi
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361968Emperor Moth on the Calf180Moths
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351965The Manx National TrustMNT Information
341963Gannet Dispersal o0ff the Manx CoastMalcolm Calvert113118Gannet
341963Cold Winters and Shore LifeN S Jones119121Marine Biology
341963Chough Enquiry 1963121Notice of intended survey
341963The Status of Natterer's Bat in the Isle of ManJohn Crellin122Bats
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311959In Memoriam - George D ClementsonL V C18Obituary
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251957Red-breasted Flycatcher in the Isle of ManT E Corlett3Red-breasted Flycatcher
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241956Frontispiece. Woodcock on nestWoodcock
231955Green Woodpecker on the Chicken's RockJas W Mainland1Green Woodpecker
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221953Sabine's Gull in the Isle of ManR J Moss2Sabine's Gull
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211952Who Wrote the Botany for "Backwell's Guide"?D E Allen2223Bibliography. Flora
211952Short Note. - Unusual Site for a Swallow's NestM Creer23Swallow
211952Obituary. John James GillW S C24Obituary
161949Wanted - A Manx Bird ObservatoryKenneth Williamson15Calf of Man
161949The Cirl BuntingH M Rogers6Cirl Bunting
161949Collecting in the Isle of Man in War and PeaceS H Kershaw712Butterfies. Moths
161949Recovery of an Iceland-Ringed Snipe in the Isle of ManW S Cowin13Snipe
161949Bird Ringing in 1948Raymond Moss1416Ringing
161949Late Breeding of Barn OwlsP R Foulkes-Roberts16Barn Owl
161949Three Common Birds of CanadaEvelyn Draper1718Canada birds
161949Rivers ---Old and NewRamsey B Moore1921Rivers
161949Longicorn Beetles in the Isle of ManW Pool21Beetles
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161949The Isle of FairiesJ P Cregeen2731Folklore
161949Obituary. Cyril Ingram Paton3132Obituary
161949Short Notes. - Late Terns. A New Plant-Bug. Syrphidae. Unrecorded Kitiwake Colony5, 6, 12, 23
151948The Little BitternW C Kelly12Little Bittern
151948Some Birds of Maughold HeadR & G Crellin25Maughold Head
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151948The Little AukGeorge Clementson2324Little Auk
151948The Man in the HutJohnny Beg2528Boats
151948Short Notes. - Pied Flycatchers. New spiders.Wheatear. Arctic Skua. Camberwell Beauty5, 10, 15, 17, 28, iii
151948Frontispiece. Waxwing at RamseyWaxwing
141947The West Coast Movement of the Black RedstartKenneth Williamson16Black Redstart
141947Island Days in Occupied GermanyM C Glasman68Germany
141947A New Asilid. EPITRIPTUS COWINIW S Cowin910Insects
141947The Ramsey Wagtail RoostsJ J Gill1115Pied/White Wagtail
141947SpidersFrank Dixon1619Spiders
141947SiskinsW Pool1920Siskins
141947Five Grains of CobwebE M Megaw2122Cobwebs
141947High Mortality Among Barn OwlsW SW Cowin23Barn Owls
141947The Hawfinch in the Isle of ManGeorge Clementson2425Hawfinch
141947Manx PurrsC I Paton2627Wild Boars
141947Ghosts Up Behind the MoonJohnny Beg2932Ghosts
141947Field Notes on the DipperH M Rogers JNRDipper
141947Short Notes. - Bogbean. Swallows. Sparrowhawk/Bat. Goldfinch. Ringed Fulmar. Water-louse. Glaucous Gull15, 25, 28, 33
141947Illustrations: - Epitriptus cowini. Glaucous Gull feeding with Herring Gulls at RamseyGlaucous Gull
131945Natterer's BatR Wagstaffe1Bats
131945The Manx Shearwater in the FaeroesKenneth Williamson24Manx Shearwater. Faeroes
131945HarvestmenC I Paton45Harvestmen
131945WoodliceC I Paton56Insects
131945Notes on Manx LepidopteraA V Hedges & W S Cowin67Moths
131945A Manx Record of the Scotch Argus ButterflyAlbert E Wright89Butterflies
131945Notes on the SwallowM C Glasman91Swallows
131945The Nature of the RookeryK Williamson & W SW Cowin1219Rooks
131945Heron RingingJ C Crellin20Herons
131945Unusual Nesting-Site and Multiple Nesting of Grey Wagtail W Pool21Grey Wagtail
131945The Spread of the Orange-tip Butterfly in the I of ManW S Cowin2224Butterflies
131945Nesting of the Long-Tailed TitR & G Crellin2425Long-tailed Tit
131945Golden Orioles near PeelGeorge Clementson2627Golden Oriole
131945The Great Yellow LoosestrifeW S Cowi & A H Karran27Flora
131945Short Notes. - Lesser Horntail Wasps. Glaucous Gull. Smews. Lesse Broomrape11, 28
131945Illustrations: - Rook's Nest on Chimney. Manx Shearwater.Rook. Manx Shearwater
1944Historical Records of the Peregrine FalconKenneth Williamson14Peregrine
1941Editorial Notes12Editorial
1941A Census of Breeding RavensW S Cowin36Ravens
1944A Memory of the Great AukJohn Gawne4Great Auk
1944WoodliceC I Paton58Insects
1941Wild Geese in ManGeorge Clementson78Geese
1941Summer on the AyresM C Glasman810The Ayres
1944The Breeding of the Wood Warbler in ManJohn James Gill911Wood Warbler
1941The Calf of Man in 1941Kenneth Williamson1115Calf of Man
1944Calf IslandH M Rogers1214Calf of Man
1944The Failure of the TerneriesMaurice & Margaret Glasman1516Terns
1944New Manx LepidopteraE E Sloane16Moths
1941Rare Forms of the Orange-tip ButterflyS H Kershaw1618Butterflies
1944The Barn-Owl as a Resident in the Isle of ManR & G Crellin1718Barn Owl
1944Addition to the Flora of the CalfW S Cowin1920Flora. Calf of Man
1941Birds of BallureJ J Gill1921Ballure
1944The Ravens' CountryKenneth Williamson2124Ravens
1941John Quayle and the CaLF of ManB R S Megaw MA2223Calf of Man
1944A Peregrine at ScarlettE F Ladds24Peregrine
1941Summer Flowering Plants at LangnessC I Paton2427Flora. Langness
1944Impressions of a HoopoeF Wilkinson2526Hoopoe
1944ContrastsGeorge Clementson26Peel Hill
1944Some Recent Records of the Fulmar PetrelB R S & E M Megaw2728Fulmar
1941An Old Record of the RollerJ Margaret Stevenson28Roller
1944Notes on John Ray and the Isle of Man CabbageC I Paton2930John Ray. Flora
1944A Preliminary List of the Odonata of the Isle of ManR Wagstaffe32Odonata
1944Short Notes. - Geese. Flowers. Striped Hawk-moth.Kingfisher. Peregrines.11, 14, 20, 28
1944Illustrations: - Peregrine Falcon at the Eyrie. The Ravens' CountryPeregrine
1941Short Notes. - Wheatears. House Martins. Ring Ousels. Tuberous Bitter Vetch. Dragonflies18, 23