Seabird oiling incident

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Oiled birds are coming ashore on the south and east coasts of the Isle of Man from the Point of Ayre to the Calf of Man.

(c) Manx Wild Bird Aid
(c) Manx Wild Bird Aid

Our sources in DEFA report (23rd March 2020) that:

'Marine Operations have been notified and are in touch with HM Coastguard. A spotter plane may be utilised today to investigate.

Oiled guillemots have been found over the weekend along the south and east coasts (Derbyhaven, Port St Mary, Garwick, Laxey, Dhoon). Last night 15 live oiled guillemots had been picked up and a few others had been reported but were not retrievable. Manx Wild Bird Aid have been dealing with a number of oiled guillemots (the only species noted so far as oiled) and should be contacted in the first instance if live oiled birds are reported (see below). The MSPCA is accepting birds via Manx Wild Bird Aid.

The DoI have worked with the Coastguard over the weekend. Some very small patches of oil (it looked like heavy fuel oil, and was not emulsified) were found on Port Soderick beach and these were removed. They are investigating with UK Coastguard. On Anglesey guillemots both dead & alive have washed up on beaches. If oil is found please contact the DoI Marine Operations Room.

It is important for DEFA and the DoI to be aware of further developments so please keep us informed of any further reports. We are logging reports and need to be aware of the scale of the issue.'

Manx Wild Bird Aid reports a total of 17 Guillemots are now being treated (as at 11.00am on Monday 23rd March 2020). It is thought the oil spill originated near Anglesey, where there have been reports of oiled seabirds for a week or more.

What should I do if I find an oiled seabird?

In the first instance, please contact Manx Wild Bird Aid on 07624 242777.

If you are able to capture the bird, please put it carefully into a cardboard box or plastic bag to keep it secure and warm. Take it immediately to Manx Wild Bird Aid in Castletown (or to the MSPCA in Foxdale). Manx Wild Bird Aid asks that you put birds onto their doorstep and alert them to it so they can take it into care with out coming into direct contact with you (as per Coronavirus precautions).

Please check Manx Wild Bird Aid's Facebook page for full contact and location details.

With thanks to DEFA and Manx Wild Bird Aid