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This report is compiled from records of birds and other wildlife received through the online submissions form.

These reports are not verified by Manx BirdLife. Records of scarce and rare birds are subject to ratification by the Manx Rare Birds Committee (MRBC) and British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC).

Thank you to everyone who has contributed records and photographs. As well as birds, we welcome records of all wildlife and will make these freely available to the recognised recording and conservation organisations.

Sensitive records (e.g. of rare and scarce breeding bird species between 01 March and 31 August) are important and we welcome these, but will not be displayed on the public sightings noticeboard for obvious reasons.

Records are shown from July 2017. (See menu above for earlier records)

See key to table and image codes (below table)

20 JulSwift209:00Port St Mary yacht ClubNeil Morris
19 JulSwift811:30Hampton Grove, CooilNeil Morris
19 JulSwift213:30Junction of Rose Mount & Bucks Road above Methodist chapel, DouglasAndrew Johnston
19 JulSwift1Over Poyll Dooey, RamseyGarry Curtis
19 JulSwift420:30Port Erin Shoprite car parkJanet Thompson
19 JulDunlin10Stinky Dub, LangnessPeter Christian
19 JulGreenshank1Stinky Dub, LangnessPeter Christian
19 JulRedshank12Stinky Dub, LangnessPeter Christian
18 JulSwift20Castletown harbourJohnPaul Bridson
18 JulSwift2Derby Road, PeelML
18 JulSwift30+FarmhillGraeme Healy
18 JulSwift2Hope Street, CastletwonJohnPaul Bridson
18 JulSwift709:00Kensington Rd/Terrace area, DouglasAngela G
18 JulSwift4Over Andreas village, school fields areaGarry Curtis
18 JulSwift3Over Promenade, Ramsey ML
18 JulSwift4Over Ramsey harbourGarry Curtis
18 JulSwift214:00RamseyJenny Shanley
18 JulSwift5Rue PointML
18 JulWillow Warbler2+JuvsSurby Road, SurbyEve Aycock
17 JulSwiftc.30AndreasPaul Etherton
17 JulChiffchaff3BaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulCommon Sandpiper2BaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulCormorant1BaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulGoldfinch4BaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulGreat Tit2JuvsBaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulGrey Wagtail2BaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulPied Wagtail3BaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulSwallow5BaldwinMichael Coupe
17 JulSwift7Church St, Douglas (at Promenade, over Sefton Hotel )ML
17 JulGreat Skua1LaxeyMike Cleverley
17 JulGrasshopper Warbler1Off the Sloc RoadSheila Norris
17 JulSwift609:30Over Castle RushenCarl Hadfield
17 JulSwift3RamseyJenny Shanley
17 JulGoldfinch35+ScardSheila Norris
17 JulHouse Sparrow1ScardSheila Norris
17 JulPheasant1MScardSheila Norris
17 JulPied Wagtail2ScardSheila Norris
17 JulRaven1ScardSheila Norris
17 JulSong Thrush1ScardSheila Norris
17 JulSwallow8ScardSheila Norris
17 JulSwallow4ScardSheila Norris
17 JulSwallow1ScardSheila Norris
16 JulSwift4Castletown HarbourJanet Thompson
16 JulSwift314:30Colby InnNeil Morris
16 JulFulmar27+Port Grenaugh - Purt VegAndrew Johnston
15 JulSwift216:40BallabegNeil Morris
15 JulSwift119:30Michael street, PeelJanet Thompson
14 JulSwift820:30Port Erin Shoprite car parkJanet Thompson
13 JulSwift5Above St Thomas Church, Finch Road, DouglasMichael Coupe
13 JulSedge Warbler3Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveAllen Moore
13 JulWillow Warbler1SingingBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveAllen Moore
13 JulSong Thrush1Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
13 JulSpotted Flycatcher1Bradda HeadAllen Moore
13 JulReed Bunting1FDalby MountainML
13 JulCommon Gull1Onchan (Private garden)Helen Armstrong
13 JulSwift411:00Over Ramsey Grammar West buildingSue Kinrade
13 JulSwift514:00Top of Woodbourne Road, Douglas Andrew Johnston
13 JulSwift511:15Upper promenade, Port ErinStephen Whittaker
12 JulSwift318:23Above 2nd fairway of Rowany golf course, Port ErinDuncan Matthews
12 JulChough30Marine DriveMichael Coupe
12 JulSwift709:00Over Castle Rushen and Qualtroughs timber yardCarl Hadfield
12 JulCormorant5Michael Coupe
12 JulFulmar12Michael Coupe
12 JulGoldfinch12Michael Coupe
12 JulLinnet74M 3FMichael Coupe
12 JulMeadow Pipit10Inc. 4 juvsMichael Coupe
12 JulOystercatcher7Michael Coupe
12 JulPied Wagtail7Inc. 4 juvsMichael Coupe
12 JulRaven2Michael Coupe
11 JulHouse Martin5Above castle, CastletownStephen Whittaker
11 JulSwift112:00Above castle, CastletownStephen Whittaker
11 JulLittle Egret109:05Castletown Bay, Western end, near Douglas StreetCarl Hadfield
11 JulFeral Pigeon20+Courthouse roof and rampart walls of castle , CastletownStephen Whittaker
11 JulHerring Gull5FledglingsCourthouse roof and rampart walls of castle , CastletownStephen Whittaker
11 JulPied Wagtail1Courthouse roof and rampart walls of castle , CastletownStephen Whittaker
11 JulBlack-tailed Godwit1islandica (breeding plumage)Golf Practice Field, LangnessAllen Moore
11 JulWhimbrel4LangnessAllen Moore
11 JulBar-tailed Godwit2Rocks by Poyll Breinn, LangnessAllen Moore
11 JulCurlew133Rocks by Poyll Breinn, LangnessAllen Moore
11 JulDunlin20Rocks by Poyll Breinn, LangnessAllen Moore
11 JulLittle Egret1JuvRocks by Poyll Breinn, LangnessAllen Moore
11 JulRedshank20Rocks by Poyll Breinn, LangnessAllen Moore
11 JulShelduck93 Ad 6 ImmRocks by Poyll Breinn, LangnessAllen Moore
10 JulLittle Egret109:15CastletownCarl Hadfield
10 JulSwift1520:50Port Erin Shoprite car parkJanet Thompson
09 JulSwift5Above Ramsey Co-op, Albert RoadSue Kinrade
09 JulBlack-headed Gull11DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulCormorant3DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulCurlew8DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulDunnock1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulEider9DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulGannet3DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulGoldfinch11DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulGreat Black-backed Gull3DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulGrey Heron3DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulHooded Crow3DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulHouse Martin5DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulHouse Sparrow3DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulLapwing4DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulMallard25DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulOystercatcher25DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulRinged Plover6DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulShag5DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulShelduck2Inc. 1 juvDerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulStarling2DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulStonechat1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulSwallow15DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulWhimbrel1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
09 JulCormorant25Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulCurlew1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulEider12Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulGannet13Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulGrey Heron2Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulOystercatcher20Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulPied Wagtail6Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulShelduck1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulSwallow1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulWheatear2Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
09 JulChough3LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulCormorant7LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulCurlew195LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulDunlin5LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulDunnock1LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulEider16LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulGrey Heron3LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulHouse Martin3LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulLittle Egret4LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulOystercatcher77LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulRedshank2LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulRinged Plover1LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulShelduck10Inc. 3 juvLangnessGraham Smith
09 JulSkylark1LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulWhitethroat3LangnessGraham Smith
09 JulSwift809:45Over Castle Rushen and down Hope St., CastletownCarl Hadfield
09 JulMeadow Pipit1Point of AyreEve Aycock
08 JulChaffinch8Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulCurlew1Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulDunnock3Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulGoldfinch15Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulLinnet3Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulMeadow Pipit12Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulSkylark2Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulSong Thrush1Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulStonechat14Inc. 8 juvsBetween Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulWhitethroat4Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulWillow Warbler4Between Ballakesh car park and small conifer plantation between Ballaghennie and SmealeJerry Jones
08 JulSpotted Flycatcher1Kerrowgarrow Farm, GreebaAlan James Jackson
08 JulCommon Gull42On beach just west of Lhen Trench mouthAllen Moore
07 JulFulmar10AOSCallowayAnne Kaye
07 JulRaven2PairE to W over King Williams College playing fields nr Hango HillCarl Hadfield
07 JulLong-tailed Tit1JuvLaxeyEve Aycock
07 JulSwift516:57Over Tennis Road, DouglasJanet Thompson
07 JulSwift515:57Over villa marina gardens area , DouglasJanet Thompson
07 JulSwift609:15Qualtrough's Timber Yard, CastletownCarl Hadfield
07 JulSwift4Ramsey Harbour areaAngela
07 JulSwift711:15Shoprite, Port ErinDuncan Matthews
06 JulSwift511:30Above castle, CastletownStephen Whittaker
06 JulPuffin1AnvilStephen Clague
06 JulPuffin3Boat trip Port St Mary/Calf of Man/Sound returnAngela
06 JulSwift1Calf of Man, flying to the right side of the lighthouse on the Chicken RockML
06 JulSwift3Calf of Man, over the central toward SWML
06 JulChaffinch2CastletownStephen Whittaker
06 JulFeral Pigeon17CastletownStephen Whittaker
06 JulHouse Sparrow7CastletownStephen Whittaker
06 JulSwallow7CastletownStephen Whittaker
06 JulMute Swan3Castletown HarbourStephen Whittaker
06 JulManx Shearwaterc.30Chicken Rock lighthouse areaAngela
06 JulCollared Dove31 Ad 2 JuvsFarmhill parkCatherine Redmond
06 JulSparrowhawk1Farmhill parkCatherine Redmond
06 JulWoodpigeon1Farmhill parkCatherine Redmond
06 JulSwift5Mona Terrace/Chester Street DouglasBrett Woods
06 JulSedge Warbler2On old railway between St Johns and GreebaDavid Brimfield
06 JulCurlew1Rocky Road, MarownSally Bellando
06 JulSwift420:30Screaming around buildings below Falcon’s Nest Hotel, Port Erin Neil Morris
06 JulSwift7Top of Albany Road, DouglasAndrew Johnston
05 JulKestrel1ColbyStephen Whittaker
05 JulSwift209:37Cooil, DouglasNeil Morris
05 JulReed Bunting2Dalby MountainAllen Moore
05 JulReed Bunting1Dalby MountainAllen Moore
05 JulPeregrine1Just off coast south of Santon GorgeAngela
05 JulSwift1Middle section of the footpath from St. John to PeelML
05 JulBlack Guillemot84 pairsPeel HarbourAndrew Johnston
05 JulSwift218:10 EPort E Chee Avenue, DouglasAndrew Johnston
05 JulPuffin3Sound nr Spanish HdAnne Kaye
05 JulPuffin3Sound, mid between Spanish Head and the CalfAlexandra McFee
04 JulCurlewc.25Kione ny GhogganAnne Kaye
04 JulSwift2Yoke Rd at Victoria Rd, DouglasML
03 JulSwift3Bridge over the Silverburn River ( leading to Ballasala ), CastletownML
03 JulSwift609:15Cooil, DouglasNeil Morris
03 JulLittle Egret1Flew S far off Traie DullishAllen Moore
03 JulPuffin3On the sea at Thistle HeadAllen Moore
03 JulBlack Guillemot15Peel HarbourAngela
03 JulSwift8The River and the Castle, Castletown ML
02 JulHouse Martin20+Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
02 JulSwallow1Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
02 JulSwift2Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
02 JulSwift5Church St. at Market St around the St. Thomas Church, Douglas ML
02 JulSwift413:30Iron spout ,ColbyStephen Whittaker
02 JulCormorant4NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulEider17Inc. 10 ducklingNiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulFulmar1NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulGannet2NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulGreat Black-backed Gull5Inc. 1 nestlingNiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulLesser Black-backed Gull2NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulMallard6NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulOystercatcher1NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulPied wagtail3NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulRazorbill1NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulRock Pipit7Feeding youngNiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulShag5NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulStarling20NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulWhite Wagtail2NiarbylStephen Whittaker
02 JulPuffin5Off The SugarloafBob Taylor
01 JulChiffchaff1Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
01 JulHouse Martin2Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
01 JulSwift9Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
01 JulStonechat3+Inc. 1 juvSurbyEve Aycock
01 JulSwift616:20Tromode Ind Estate/Dam AreaJanet Thompson

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Grasshopper Warbler (Sheila Norris)
Grasshopper Warbler (Sheila Norris)
Long-tailed Tit (Eve Aycock)
Long-tailed Tit (Eve Aycock)
Buzzard (Ralph Jackson)
Buzzard (Ralph Jackson)


Key to image codes

BOC = Image taken from the back of the camera LCD viewer

Key to table codes

Ad (ad) = Adult
F (f) = Female
M (m) = Male
Juv = Juvenile
Pr (pr) = Pair
N, S, E, W = Flying/moving north, south, east or west
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th = Age per calendar year cycle
Sum (sum) = Summer moult phase
Win (win) = Winter moult phase
Ur (ur) = Unrecorded

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