Recent sightings 2018


This report is compiled from unverified records of birds and other wildlife received through Manx BirdLife's online submissions form.

Records of scarce and rare birds are subject to ratification by the Manx Birds Rarities Committee (MRBC) and British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC). Sensitive records (e.g. rare/scarce breeding species between 01 March and 31 August) are important and we welcome these, but will not be displayed for obvious reasons. As of January 2018, we have adopted the taxonomy and nomenclature of the revised BOU British List. See the Manx List for details.

Thank you for your records and photographs.

See key to table and image codes

16 AprBlackbird2M + FBallannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprBlackcap2Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprBlue Tit5Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprChaffinch4Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprGreat Tit6Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprMallard8Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprReed Bunting2Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprRobin2Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprWillow Warbler3Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprWoodpigeon12Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprWren3Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
16 AprHouse Martin1DouglasPaul Ward
16 AprPeregrine1Fisher's HillMichael Coupe
16 AprOystercatcher2Kallow PointAnne Kaye
16 AprPurple Sandpiper31Kallow PointAnne Kaye
16 AprTurnstone13Kallow PointAnne Kaye
16 AprGlaucous Gull11st winPeel breakwaterPeter Christian
15 AprGoldfinch3Agneash RoadSue Luton
15 AprStarling2Agneash RoadSue Luton
15 AprWoodpigeon2Agneash TrackSue Luton
15 AprChiffchaff1SingingBushes close to the old Union Mills Railway StationBill Henderson
15 AprChough2WColby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
15 AprManx Shearwater2Kallow PointNeil G. Morris
15 AprBlackcap2+SingingOld Railway Lines - Braddan Bridge to Union MillsBill Henderson
15 AprWheater2Pooyl VaaishWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
15 Apr'White' Wagtail2Pooyl VaaishWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
15 AprBlackcap1SingingSt John's Amenity siteAdam Denard
15 AprChiffchaff1SingingSt John's Amenity siteAdam Denard
15 AprPeregrine1St John's Amenity siteAdam Denard
14 AprChiffchaff2+SingingBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveRichard Norris
14 AprLong-tailed Tit2Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveRichard Norris
14 AprReed Bunting1MBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveRichard Norris
14 AprChiffchaff1SingingBallafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
14 AprManx Shearwater1BallaghennieWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
14 AprSand Martin1BallaghennieWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
14 AprSandwich Tern9BallaghennieWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
14 AprWillow Warbler1BallaghennieWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
14 AprSwallow2Between Blue Point and Rue PointPat Kelly
14 AprGreat Northern Diver1Blue Point to BallaghennieColin Gundry
14 AprGreylag Goose27NBlue Point to BallaghennieColin Gundry
14 AprRed-throated Diver6Blue Point to BallaghennieColin Gundry
14 AprSandwich Tern2Blue Point to BallaghennieColin Gundry
14 AprSwallow11Blue Point to BallaghennieColin Gundry
14 AprBuzzard4Mountain Road (opposite Snaefell)Wendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
14 AprHerring Gull1White albino!Ooig Mooar, south of Kirk Michael David Wright
14 AprSandwich Tern3Peel HarbourDavid Wright
14 AprGlaucous Gull11st winPeel Harbour: feeding off the end of the pierDavid Wright
14 AprLinnet30Pooil VaaishDavid Wright
14 AprTwitec.45Feeding in weedy fieldPooil VaaishDavid Wright
14 AprWheatear6Pooil VaaishDavid Wright
14 Apr'White' Wagtail1Pooil VaaishDavid Wright
14 AprTwite30Drinking from streamPooil Vaaish-Scarlett coastDavid Wright
14 AprOystercatcher7Port St Mary ledgesRichard Norris
14 AprPurple Sandpiper5Port St Mary ledgesRichard Norris
14 AprOystercatcher2Port St Mary, beach below Alfred Pier Richard Norris
14 AprTurnstone3Port St Mary, beach below Alfred Pier Richard Norris
14 AprGreat Spotted Woodpecker1RamseyTony Cowell
14 AprBar-tailed Godwit1Rue Point gravel-barColin Gundry
13 AprBlackcap1FSurby (Private garden)Sheila Norris
12 AprChough2Millenium way half way between sky hill and mountain boxMichael Davis
12 AprWillow Warbler1Old Railway Line - Glen VineWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
11 AprDunnock1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
11 AprWren1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
11 AprBlue Tit3BallacraineStephen Whittaker
11 AprGreat Tit5BallacraineStephen Whittaker
11 AprGreenfinch3BallacraineStephen Whittaker
11 AprGreylag5BallacraineStephen Whittaker
11 AprSwallow5BallacraineStephen Whittaker
11 AprBlue Tit2Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprBrambling2Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprChaffinch4Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprCoal Tit1Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprCollared Dove2Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprDunnock2Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprGoldfinch4Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprGreat Tit1Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprHouse Sparrow2+Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprLesser Redpoll1Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprRobin1Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprSiskin8Kella Road, Sulby (Private garden)Julia Horisk
11 AprChough2LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprCormorant1LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprCurlew35LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprEider12LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprGrey Heron4LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprLittle Egret1LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprOystercatcher35LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprPheasant1LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprRed-breasted Merganser21M + 1FLangnessGraham Smith
11 AprRedshank52LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprRinged Plover3LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprShelduck23LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprStarling100+LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprTeal29LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprWigeon12LangnessGraham Smith
11 AprCurlew3Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprDunlin1Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprGrey Plover2Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprOystercatcher26Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprRinged Plover24Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprSanderlingc.50Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprSandwich Tern3Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprTurnstone17Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprWhimbrel1Rue PointAllen Moore
11 AprSandwich Tern9Rue PointMark Fitzpatrick
11 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose23SandwickGraham Smith
10 AprGreat Black-backed Gull2Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprHerring Gull5Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprJackdaw8Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprLinnet1Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprLong-tailed Tit1Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprMagpie2Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprMeadow Pipit1Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprWoodpigeon1Agneash trackSue Luton
10 AprSwallow2Arbory School, BallabegNeil G. Morris
10 AprSwallow2Close Cowley, DouglasGraeme Healy
10 AprCoal Tit5Glen HelenGeorge Hull
10 AprGrey Wagtail1Glen HelenGeorge Hull
10 AprRaven3Glen HelenGeorge Hull
10 AprRobin1Glen HelenGeorge Hull
10 AprSparrowhawk1Silverburn Estate, BallasallaUndisclosed
09 AprBlue Tit1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprChaffinch21M + 1FAgneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprCoal Tit1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprDunnock2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprGreat Tit1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprHouse Sparrow21M + 1FAgneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprLong-tailed Tit2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprMistle Thrush2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
09 AprChaffinch1Agneash trackSue Luton
09 AprLinnet1Agneash trackSue Luton
09 AprWren1Agneash trackSue Luton
09 AprChiffchaff1SingingAndreas to Smeale RoadGarry Curtis
09 AprWillow Warbler1SingingAndreas to Smeale RoadGarry Curtis
09 AprBlackcap1Ballaghennie Pine CoveJohn Donnelly
09 AprBlackcap2M + FBallasallaMark Boyd
09 AprTreecreeper1BallasallaMark Boyd
09 AprSwallow1BallawattleworthAdam Denard
09 AprGrey Heron1Beach, Douglas Road, Castletown George Hull
09 AprWheatear17Between Ballaghennie Plantation car park and visitor centreJohn Donnelly
09 AprOystercatcher4Bottom of Fisher's HillGeorge Hull
09 AprShelduck8Bottom of Fisher's HillGeorge Hull
09 AprSwallow2+CastletownMark Boyd
09 AprGrey Heron1Castletown BeachGeorge Hull
09 AprGrey Heron1Castletown HarbourGeorge Hull
09 AprSwallow31M + 2FCronk y ThatcherStephen Whittaker
09 AprSwallow2SDalbyAdam Denard
09 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose48Derbyhaven bayJohn Thorpe
09 AprHouse Martin1Derbyhaven road junctionAnne Dudley
09 AprBlackbird2Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprChaffinch5Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprChough2Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprCormorant3Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprCurlew3Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprDunnock2Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprEider6Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprGoldfinch9Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprGreenfinch3Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprGrey Heron3Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprHerring Gull3Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprHooded Crow5Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprJackdaw3Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprLinnet5Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprLittle Egret1Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprMallard2 MMDerbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprMute Swan1Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprOystercatcher12Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose17Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprPied Wagtail1Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprRobin2Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprRock Pipit7Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprRook4Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprShag3Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprShelduck2Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprStarling50+Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprStonechat5Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprWheatear1Derbyhaven Two-Six areaStephen Whittaker
09 AprSwallow2Glen ChassJerry Jones
09 AprSwallow2Over Ballalough, AndreasGarry Curtis
09 AprPeregrine2PairOver CastletownMark Boyd
09 AprSwallow1Ronaldsway Airport SouthStephen Whittaker
09 AprCurlew4Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprDunnock1Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprGreat Black-backed Gull2Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprGrey Plover1Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprMeadow Pipit4Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprOystercatcher15Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprRinged Plover17Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprSandwich Tern40+Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprSkylark7Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprSong Thrush1Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprStonechat5Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprSwallow5Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprTurnstone14Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
09 AprWheatear7Smeale to BallaghennieJerry Jones
08 AprBlack Guillemot81/2 mile south of Port St Mary breakwaterBrian Kelly
08 AprGannet11/2 mile south of Port St Mary breakwaterBrian Kelly
08 AprBlackcap2PairBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
08 AprMagpie1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
08 AprMallard33MBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
08 AprReed Bunting1MBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
08 AprRobin1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
08 AprWillow Warbler2SingingBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
08 AprBlackcap2M + FBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSteve Johnstone
08 AprChiffchaff2Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSteve Johnstone
08 AprCommon Guillemot1BallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprGadwall2M + FBallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprKestrel1BallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprMerlin1FBallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprRazorbill2BallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprRed-throated Diver2BallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprSandwich Tern6BallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprWheatear1BallaghennieBrian Liggins
08 AprChiffchaff1Ballaghennie CPJohn Donnelly
08 AprWillow Warbler1Ballaghennie CPJohn Donnelly
08 AprWheatear2Ballaghennie Visitor CentreJohn Donnelly
08 AprCormorant3Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprEider32Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprGolden Plover23Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprGrey Heron1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprMute Swan1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprOystercatcher43Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose53Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprPied Wagtail1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprRedshank5Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprRinged Ploverc.250Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprShelduck2Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprStonechat2Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
08 AprBlack Guillemot10Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprBlackbird2Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprChaffinch5Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprChough4Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprDunnock2Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprEider6Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprGoldfinch7Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprGreat Black-backed Gull3Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprHerring Gull20+Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprHouse Sparrow20+Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprJackdaw30Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprMallard8MFleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprMeadow Pipit2Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprPheasant3Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprPied Wagtail3Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprRaven3Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprRobin2Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprRock Pipit5Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprRook5Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprShag5Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprSong Thrush1Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprStarling6Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprStonechat3Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprWren6Fleshwick areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprSand Martin20+NWJurby/Ballagarraghyn beachJenny Shanley
08 AprSwallow10NWJurby/Ballagarraghyn beachJenny Shanley
08 AprChough8LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprCormorant4LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprCurlew35LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprEider10LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprGolden Plover43LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprGrey Heron3LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprLittle Egret3LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprOystercatcher40LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprPheasant1LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprRed-breasted Merganser2M + FLangnessGraham Smith
08 AprRedshank6LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprShag1LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprShelduck14LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprTeal26LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprWigeon20LangnessGraham Smith
08 AprBlackcap1MLangness (Gateway to)Graham Smith
08 AprGreat Black-backed Gull1Little Ness, Marine Drive, Braddan, Isle of ManBill Henderson
08 AprRaven1Little Ness, Marine Drive, Braddan, Isle of ManBill Henderson
08 AprSwallow2Little Ness, Marine Drive, Braddan, Isle of ManBill Henderson
08 AprSandwich Tern1Peel BayAdam Denard
08 AprSwallow5Peel HeadlandsAdam Denard
08 AprSwallow50SPoint of AyreBrian Liggins
08 AprEider10Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprFeral Dove15Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprFulmar15Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprGannet1Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprGreat Black-backed Gull6Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprHerring Gull50+Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprJackdaw30+Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprRock Pipit1Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprShag5Port Erin Marine Biological areaStephen Whittaker
08 AprBlackcap1Port MooarJohn Donnelly
08 AprChiffchaff1Port MooarJohn Donnelly
08 AprSwallow1Rebog, Marine Drive, Braddan, Isle of ManBill Henderson
08 AprBuzzard1Scarlett FarmDavid Wright
08 AprSwallow2Scarlett PointDavid Wright
08 AprTwite50+Scarlett PointDavid Wright
08 AprWheatear1Scarlett PointDavid Wright
08 AprWillow Warbler1Scarlett PointDavid Wright
08 AprCommon Guillemot50-100Sugarloaf / Halls Cave, Bay StackaBrian Kelly
08 AprRazorbillc.10Sugarloaf / Halls Cave, Bay StackaBrian Kelly
08 AprWheatear1Thurrot CottageBrian Liggins
07 AprMerlin1BallaghennieWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
07 AprSwallow2BallaghennieWendy Gawne and Pete Hadfield
07 AprHouse Martin2Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
07 AprWillow Warbler5Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
07 AprChiffchaff1Calf SoundNeil G Morris
07 AprGannet1AdCalf SoundNeil G Morris
07 AprSand Martin1CranstalBrian Liggins
07 AprGoldcrest6CregneashDavid Wright
07 AprHouse Martin2CregneashDavid Wright
07 AprSand Martin3CregneashDavid Wright
07 AprSwallow2CregneashDavid Wright
07 AprWillow Warbler4CregneashDavid Wright
07 AprChiffchaff3CregneashNeil G Morris
07 AprReed Bunting1MCregneashNeil G Morris
07 AprSand Martin4CregneashNeil G Morris
07 AprSwallow1Cregneash - Church FarmRuth M Black
07 AprChiffchaff3Cronk Cullyn, ColbyNeil G Morris
07 AprEider18Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprGolden Plover50+Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprGoldfinch3Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprGrey Heron3Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprMute Swan1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprOystercatcher31Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose77Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprRedshank15Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprRinged Plover46Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprShelduck2Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprStonechat1Derbyhaven BayGraham Smith
07 AprWheatear3Glascoe PondBrian Liggins
07 AprSwallow1Glen ChassRuth M Black
07 AprChiffchaff4LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprChough4LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprCormorant7LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprCurlew3LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprEider10LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprGolden Plover47LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprGrey Heron6LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprLinnet3LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprLittle Egret3LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprPheasant3LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprRedshank7LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprShelduck20LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprStarling300+LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprTeal10LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprWigeon4LangnessGraham Smith
07 AprStock Dove1Near Glen TruanBrian Liggins
07 AprChiffchaff3SingingPoill DooeyBrian Liggins
07 AprMerlin1FPoint of AyreBrian Liggins
07 AprSandwich Tern1Point of AyreBrian Liggins
07 AprChiffchaff3Rhendoo RoadBrian Liggins
07 AprBlue Tit3St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprChaffinch5St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprCoal Tit4St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprGoldcrest8St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprGoldfinch7St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprGreat Tit5St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprGreenfinch3St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprMagpie2St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprMallard4St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprRobin3St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprRook3St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprSiskin3St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprSong Thrush1St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprWoodpigeon5St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprWren1St John'sStephen Whittaker
07 AprSand Martin4Strandhall BeachNeil G Morris
07 AprSwallow3Strandhall BeachNeil G Morris
07 AprSwallow14The LhenAlan Stone
07 AprSwallow1The SoundPeter Hulley
07 AprWheatear2M + FTrailer Park, RamseyBrian Liggins
07 AprSparrowhawk1FUnion MillsStephen Whittaker
06 AprBlue Tit1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
06 AprCoal Tit2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
06 AprGreat Tit1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
06 AprLong-tailed Tit2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
06 AprStarling2+Agneash trackSue Luton
06 AprWoodpigeon1Agneash trackSue Luton
06 AprChiffchaff3Ballafesson (Private garden)Sheila Norris
06 AprArctic Skua1BallaghennieJohn Donnelly
06 AprGolden Plover50BallaghennieJohn Donnelly
06 AprSandwich Tern6BallaghennieJohn Donnelly
06 AprGoldcrest6Ballaghennie Plantation car parkJohn Donnelly
06 AprChaffinch2Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprGoldcrest3Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprGoldfinch8Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprGreylag Goose20Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprHen Harrier1RingtailBallannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprHouse Martin2Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprMagpie5Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprMallard30Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprMeadow Pipit4Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprPheasant4Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprRobin1Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprStarling1Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprTufted Duck13Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprWillow Warbler5Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprWoodpigeon10Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprWren2Ballannette Nature ReserveMichael Coupe
06 AprChiffchaff2Cronk Cullyn, ColbyNeil G Morris
06 AprWillow Warbler1Cronk Cullyn, ColbyNeil G Morris
06 AprChiffchaff1High Street, Port St Mary (Private garden)Brian Kelly
06 AprSwallow2KnocksharryUndisclosed
06 AprHouse Martin2Leigh Terrace, DouglasGraeme Healy
06 AprWheatear1Point of Ayre lighthouseJohn Donnelly
06 AprSwallow1Port Erinper Neil G Morris
06 Apr'Eastern' Lesser Whitethroat1Port Erin (Private garden)per Neil G Morris
06 AprWillow Warbler4Port Erin (Private garden)Pete Hadfield
06 AprShort-eared Owl1UCM (Isle of Man College) DouglasStephen McGuinness
05 AprBlackbird1FemaleAgneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
05 AprBlue Tit1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
05 AprChaffinch2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
05 AprDunnock1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
05 AprHouse Sparrow2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
05 AprLong-tailed Tit2Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
05 AprRobin1Agneash (Private garden)Sue Luton
05 AprKestrel1Agneash TrackSue Luton
05 AprLinnet1Agneash TrackSue Luton
05 AprChiffchaff2Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveRichard Norris
05 AprLong-tailed Tit2Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveRichard Norris
05 AprReed Bunting1MBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveRichard Norris
05 Apr?2Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprBlackbird1MBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprBlue Tit1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprChaffinch1MBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprGreat Tit1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprGreat Tit1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprGreat Tit1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprLong-tailed Tit3Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprLong-tailed Tit3Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprMallard32M + 1FBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprRobin1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprRobin1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprWillow Warbler1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprWren1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprWren1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
05 AprGolden Plover18BallaghennieGarry Curtis
05 AprOystercatcher30+BallaghennieGarry Curtis
05 AprRinged Plover10+BallaghennieGarry Curtis
05 AprSandwich Tern3BallaghennieGarry Curtis
05 AprWheatear12+BallaghennieGarry Curtis
05 AprLong-tailed Duck1Ballaghennie BeachPete Hadfield
05 AprLinnet5Ballaugh ShoreBill Keig
05 AprSwallow4Ballaugh ShoreBill Keig
05 AprKestrel1Below 33rd Milestone, Mountain RoadGeorge Hull
05 AprSwallow2Below Fisher's HillJohn Thorpe
05 AprBuzzard1EDerby Road, Peel Allen Moore
05 AprCormorant2DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprCurlew1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprEider12DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprGolden Ploverc.150DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprGoldfinch8DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprGrey Heron4DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprHooded Crow2DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprLittle Egret1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprMagpie2DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprMallard6DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprMeadow Pipit1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprMute Swan1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprOystercatcher15DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose27DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprPheasant2DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprPied Wagtail2DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprRedshank10DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprRock Pipit5DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprShag1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprShelduck8DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprStarling15DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprTwite1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprWheatear2DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprWoodpigeon3DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprWren1DerbyhavenStephen Whittaker
05 AprBuzzard3Glen Rushen Mines - Beckwith's MineGill Johnstone
05 AprCurlew3Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprEider12Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprOystercatcher44Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprRedshank6Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprRinged Plover5Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprShag2Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprShelduck5Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprStonechat2Kentraugh Black RocksRichard Norris
05 AprRaven2Little Ness, Marine Drive, BraddanBill Henderson
05 AprEider42M + 2FPoint of AyreBill Keig
05 AprGannet2Point of AyreBill Keig
05 AprOystercatcher4Point of AyreBill Keig
05 AprRed-throated Diver1Win plumagePoint of AyreBill Keig
05 AprRinged Plover2Point of AyreBill Keig
05 AprEider8Point of AyreJerry Jones
05 AprGannet4Point of AyreJerry Jones
05 AprRazorbill2Point of AyreJerry Jones
05 AprRed-throated Diver1Point of AyreJerry Jones
05 AprSandwich Tern1Point of AyreJerry Jones
05 AprBar-tailed Godwit2Poyll Breinn (Stinky Dub), LangnessAllen Moore
05 AprCurlew36Poyll Breinn (Stinky Dub), LangnessAllen Moore
05 AprLittle Egret2Poyll Breinn (Stinky Dub), LangnessAllen Moore
05 AprRed-breasted Merganser32M + 1FPoyll Breinn (Stinky Dub), LangnessAllen Moore
05 AprSwallow1NPoyll Breinn (Stinky Dub), LangnessAllen Moore
05 AprTeal46Poyll Breinn (Stinky Dub), LangnessAllen Moore
05 AprWigeon1Poyll Breinn (Stinky Dub), LangnessAllen Moore
05 AprBuzzard2Rhenass, Little LondonDebbie Sanderson
05 AprRedpoll10Ruins of Miners Cottages at Glen Rushen MinesGill Johnstone
05 AprShelduck22 PairsSmeale lagoonsGarry Curtis
05 AprBlue Tit3Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprChaffinch5Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprChough3Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprGoldcrest5Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprGoldfinch5Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprGreat Black-backed Gull3Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprGreat Tit4Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprGreylag Goose7NWSurby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprHouse Sparrow11Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprLong-tailed Tit1Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprMagpie7Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprPied Wagtail1Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprRaven2Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprSong Thrush1Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprWren1Surby RoadStephen Whittaker
05 AprKestrel1Wallberry Cliffs, Marine Drive, BraddanBill Henderson
05 AprLinnet2+Wallberry Cliffs, Marine Drive, BraddanBill Henderson
05 AprRaven1Wallberry Cliffs, Marine Drive, BraddanBill Henderson
05 Apr'White' Wagtail2Wigeon Pool (opposite Aeroclub), DerbyhavenAllen Moore
04 AprEider3Douglas BayAngela Halsall
03 AprChiffchaff1Ballachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
03 AprWater Rail1HeardBallachurry MWT Nature ReserveSheila Norris
03 AprSwallow1Clypse Reservoir, OnchanAngela
03 AprGreylag Goose2SColby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
03 AprSiskin2M + FColby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
03 AprChiffchaff1DerbyhavenWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprGreat Crested Grebe1DerbyhavenWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprSandwich Tern1DerbyhavenWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprGreat Crested Grebe1Derbyhaven BayPete Hadfield
03 AprSandwich Tern1Derbyhaven BayPete Hadfield
03 AprGlaucous/Iceland Gull1tbcDouglas bay by War MemorialNeil Richmond
03 AprGlaucous Gull1poss 2nd w.Douglas PromNeil Richmond
03 AprSandwich Tern1Fort IslandAllen Moore
03 AprWheatear3Fort IslandAllen Moore
03 AprBar-tailed Godwit2LangnessPete Hadfield
03 AprBlack-tailed Godwit2LangnessPete Hadfield
03 AprLittle Egret3LangnessPete Hadfield
03 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose75LangnessPete Hadfield
03 AprRed-breasted Merganser3LangnessPete Hadfield
03 AprRedshank75LangnessPete Hadfield
03 AprBar-tailed Godwit2LangnessWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprBlack-tailed Godwit2LangnessWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprLittle Egret3LangnessWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 Apr'Pale-bellied' Brent Goose75LangnessWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprRed-breasted Merganser32mLangnessWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprRedshank40LangnessWendy Gawne & Pete Hadfield
03 AprBlackcap1mMinorca, Laxey (garden)Roy Cripps
03 AprSparrowhawk1Phildraw Road, Ballasalla (Private garden)Mark Boyd
03 AprTreecreeper1Phildraw Road, Ballasalla (Private garden)Mark Boyd
03 AprPeregrine2PairPhildraw Road, Ballasalla, overheadMark Boyd
03 AprCoot2Private land, Ballakilley, RushenSheila Norris
03 AprMallard32M + 1FPrivate land, Ballakilley, RushenSheila Norris
03 AprMoorhen2Private land, Ballakilley, RushenSheila Norris
03 AprSparrowhawk1fRamsey Ballure areaMark Avery
03 AprChiffchaff1SingingSurby RoadAdam Denard
03 AprSparrowhawk1Surby Road, Surby, RushenSheila Norris
03 AprWheatear1White City??Neil Richmond
02 AprBlackbird5Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprChaffinch7Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprCollared Dove2Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprDunnock2Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprGoldfinch6Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprGreenfinch3Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprHouse Sparrow32Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprMagpie2Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprRobin2Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprRook5Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprSparrowhawk1Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprStarling9Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
02 AprWoodpigeon2Colby (Private garden)Stephen Whittaker
01 AprBlue Tit1Agneash TrackSue Luton
01 AprCoal Tit1Agneash TrackSue Luton
01 AprGoldfinch1Agneash TrackSue Luton
01 AprHouse Sparrow1Agneash TrackSue Luton
01 AprJackdaw2Agneash TrackSue Luton
01 AprLong-tailed Duck1Ballaghennie Visitor CentrePete Hadfield
01 AprBlackbird1Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprBlue Tit5Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprChaffinch5Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprGoldcrest8Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprGoldfinch3Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprGreat Tit7Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprWoodpigeon5Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprWren1Ballaglass GlenStephen Whittaker
01 AprGannet1Castletown BayGeorge Hull
01 AprMute Swan3Castletown HarbourGeorge Hull
01 AprRedshankc.20Castletown HarbourGeorge Hull
01 AprBlackbird2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprBlue Tit3Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprChaffinch3Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprChough2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprCormorant2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprGannet3Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprGoldcrest2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprGoldfinch5Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprGreat Tit5Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprGrey Heron2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprHerring Gull15Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprHooded Crow1Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprJackdaw3Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprMagpie2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprMallard6MCornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprOystercatcher2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprPheasant1Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprPied Wagtail1Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprRaven1Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprRobin2Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprRock Pipit1Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprRook10Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprShag3Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprSong Thrush1Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprWoodpigeon3Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprWren1Cornaa BeachStephen Whittaker
01 AprCurlew1Glendrink above AgneashSue Luton
01 AprBlackcap1mHighview Road, Douglas (Private garden)Bill Henderson
01 AprChiffchaff1LangnessDavid Wright
01 AprShoveler1LangnessDavid Wright
01 AprSkylark1Mountain RoadStephen Whittaker
01 AprCollared Dove2PeelSheila Norris
01 AprGreat Northern Diver1Peel BayDavid Wright
01 AprChough2Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprCormorant2Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprEider8Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprGannet6Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprOystercatcher2Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprPied Wagtail1Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprRinged Plover9Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprSkylark1Point of AyreGraham Smith
01 AprShort-eared Owl1Port GrenaughJulie & Lucy Quine
01 AprCurlew2Rue PointGraham Smith
01 AprOystercatcher30Rue PointGraham Smith
01 AprStonechat2Rue PointGraham Smith
01 AprGoldfinch7Wrights Pit EastGraham Smith
01 AprLinnet8Wrights Pit EastGraham Smith
01 AprPheasant1Wrights Pit EastGraham Smith

Click on each image below to enlarge:

Twite (David Wright)
Twite (David Wright)
Sandwich Tern (David Wright)
Sandwich Tern (David Wright)
Blackcap (Sheila Norris)
Blackcap (Sheila Norris)
Reed Bunting (Sheila Norris)
Reed Bunting (Sheila Norris)
Willow Warbler (Sheila Norris)
Willow Warbler (Sheila Norris)
Willow Warbler (Michael Coupe)
Willow Warbler (Michael Coupe)
Chiffchaff (Sheila Norris)
Chiffchaff (Sheila Norris)
Short-eared Owl (Julie and Lucy Quine)
Short-eared Owl (Julie and Lucy Quine)
Sparrowhawk (Mark Avery)
Sparrowhawk (Mark Avery)
Barn Owl (Mark Boyd)
Barn Owl (Mark Boyd)
Robin (Sheila Norris)
Robin (Sheila Norris)

Key to image codes

BOC = Image taken from the back of the camera LCD viewer

Key to table codes

Ad (ad) = Adult
F (f) = Female
M (m) = Male
Juv = Juvenile
Pr (pr) = Pair
N, S, E, W = Flying/moving north, south, east or west
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th = Age per calendar year cycle
Sum (sum) = Summer moult phase
Win (win) = Winter moult phase
Ur (ur) = Unrecorded