Start and end dates for sensitive breeding species

Below are shown the periods (start and end dates) during which records of 'sensitive' breeding bird species will not be displayed on the public sightings noticeboard.

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Records of breeding birds are, of course, vitally important for conservation purposes and we encourage you to submit these via the usual sightings report form. However, records submitted of sensitive breeding species will automatically be hidden from public display on the sightings noticeboard during the periods shown.

The sensitive breeding species listed below, and their respective start and end dates (during which records will be hidden from public display), reflect a number of considerations including:

  • past proven and future potential likelihood of nesting in the Isle of Man
  • resident versus migratory status: allowing, as far as possible, for records during the migration period to be published on the public sightings noticeboard (where there might be some overlap between the migration and breeding periods)
  • overall scarcity/rarity of a species and its rarity as a breeding species in the Isle of Man
Sensitive breeding dates for Isle of Man birds
Above: Periods for 'sensitive' breeding species during which records will not be published.


Please ensure you observe the published 'Codes of conduct for birdwatchers and photographers' in order to avoid causing disturbance to nesting birds. Thank you.