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The Isle of Man is a ruggedly beautiful place with a characteristic avifauna

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Peregrine: still a regular sight (Neil Morris)
Peregrine: still a regular sight

Our hills and moors are graced by sky-dancing Hen Harriers and evocatively-calling Curlews. Soaring cliffs in the south are home to dashing Peregrines, charismatic Chough and populations of seabirds. The northern lowlands host winter herds of majestic Whooper Swans, while Arctic and Little Terns nest on the beaches in summer.

Yet, every year the diversity and abundance of our wilds is diminished
Whinchat (Neil Morris)
Whinchat: on the brink (Neil Morris)
Sheila Norris
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Sheila Norris
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Although some bird species continue to thrive, we are witnessing worrying declines in many others. It is clear that without urgent action, many species are at risk of disappearing, possibly forever, from the Manx countryside. Already, we have lost once-common breeding species such as Yellowhammer, Corncrake, Corn Bunting, Common and Sandwich Terns. We need to act now if we are to stop others – such as Whinchat, Skylark, Tree Sparrow, Curlew and Lapwing – from suffering a similar demise.

Manx BirdLife will strive to create a better future – for birds and people
Curlew: declining rapidly (Neil Morris)
Curlew: declining rapidly

With your support, Manx BirdLife will continue to monitor bird populations. We will research and propose solutions to many of the problems facing our wild birds and their habitats. We will advocate for change, and work to nurture a stronger appreciation of the beauty and value of our natural heritage – among people of all ages. Protec/ng our magnificent natural heritage for future generations.

Yellowhammer (Neil Morris)
Yellowhammer: lost forever?

We have a responsibility to ensure our children can enjoy the spectacle of the island’s magnificent bird life, just as we have. Without the colour, song and character of wild birds around us, the island would be a much poorer place.

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