Barn Owl webcam Shamraig Caillagh-oie

We are delighted to report that our pair of Manx Barn Owls successfully raised three youngsters in our nestbox during the summer of 2018.

The pair appear to have adopted the nestbox once again and to be making preparations for 2019's nesting season. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned!

We remain most grateful to Adam and Bill Denard, Michael Howland, the landowners, Sure Isle of Man and the generosity of a number of individual donors for making this exciting project possible.

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Live video camera

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Radio coverage

Listen to an edited version of Bob Carswell's interview with Manx Barn Owl Project Director Adam Denard, featured in Shiaght Laa on Manx Radio (12 April 2018):


Our Barn Owls are wild birds. They are free to come and go. If you are looking at the live feed above and the nestbox is empty, or if you simply wish to enjoy some of the action we have previously recorded, check out the images and video clips below the timeline table.

Sun 24 Feb 201912:00After a few comings and goings, the pair settled into the nestbox this morning. Hopefully a sign of more continued presence as the build-up to this year's breeding season begins.
Sun 09 Dec 201809:13With the male still in the box, a brave Wren with maggot pays a fleeting visit!
Sun 09 Dec 201808:30Male returns to the nestbox with item of prey.
Fri 03 Aug 201805:20Nestbox is again empty with all the owls out and about. Two of the birds had returned (from hunting?) by 06:15.
Wed 01 Aug 201822:16For the first time, all three juveniles are out of the nextbox.
Tue 31 Jul 201821:31One of the juveniles seen out and about around the buildings.
Tue 31 Jul 201808:00All juveniles back in the nestbox.
Tue 31 Jul 201800:32Two juveniles leave the nestbox.
Sun 29 Jul 2018One juvenile temporarily leaves the nestbox this evening.
Tue 24 Jul 201820:30One juvenile temporarily leaves the nestbox.
Sun 01 Jul 2018Planned downtime for maintenance work.
Fri 22 Jun 201804:30Fourth hatchling died. Three hatchlings now surviving.
Mon 18 Jun 2018Fifth hatchling has perished. Four hatchlings now surviving.
Sun 10 Jun 201808:00Fifth egg hatched. Remaining unhatched egg is possibly the first one to have been laid.
Thu 07 Jun 201813:00Fourth egg hatched.
Sun 03 Jun 201804:00Third egg hatched.
Fri 01 Jun 201811:30Second egg hatched.
Wed 30 May 201802:00First egg hatched!
Thu 10 May 2018Sixth egg observed.
Mon 07 May 2018Fifth egg observed.
Fri 04 May 2018Fourth egg observed.
Wed 02 May 2018Third egg observed.
Tue 01 May 2018Egg laying featured on Manx Radio’s 6pm news programme.
Sun 29 Apr 2018Second egg observed.
Fri 27 Apr 2018First egg laid.
Thu 12 Apr 2018Featured on Manx Radio’s Shiaght Laa with Bob Carswel (Adam Denard and Neil Morris).
Mon 09 Apr 2018Owl cam publicly launched.
Thu 08 Mar 2018Detailed records of regular occupation start.
Tue 20 Feb 2018Just two separate visits recorded today.
Tue 19 Dec 201713:46First inspection by one of the Barn Owl pair.
Mon 18 Dec 2017Streaming computer installed.
Fri 01 Dec 2017Nest box erected on site.
Video clips and images archive

09 December 2018. A fleeting visit from 'Jenny' Wren

Above video clip (slowed down): A Wren appears briefly (with maggot) before it gets the 'death scare'
and decides that 'discretion is definitely the better part of valour'

09 December 2018. Back in the box

Above video clip: After a long period of absence since the youngsters fledged last summer,
the male returns to the nestbox

31 July 2018. Out in the open

Juvenile Manx Barn Owl

Above image: One of the youngsters was photographed tonight out of the nestbox

14 July 2018. Good hunting

Owl prey items

Above image: There's now plenty of evidence of what food the owlets are being brought by the parents

03 June 2018. Hatchling #3 greets the world

Third Barn Owl hatchling 03 June 2018
Above image: Three hatchlings. It's going to be a busy household

01 June 2018. Meet hatchling #2

Second hatchling 01 June 2018
Above image: And then there were two ... hatchlings

30 May 2018. Meet hatchling #1

First Barn Owl hatchling 30 May 2018
Above image: Our first glimpse of hatchling number one

10 May 2018. Six eggs!

Six Barn owl eggs
Above image: The clutch of six eggs

02 May 2018. Three eggs now! Tree oohyn nish!

Above video clip: Now three eggs.

27 April 2018. We have eggs! Ta oohyn ain!

Above video clip: The first egg.

09 March 2018. Early morning mating

Above video clip: Early morning mating.

08 March 2018. Early evening bonding

Above video clip: Two birds! First mating.

08 March 2018. Late afternoon domestics

Above video clip: Longtail meal time.

08 March 2018. Morning activity

Above video clip: 'Here's looking at you kid!'

20 February 2018. Late evening inspection

Above video clip: This new carpet looks interesting!

19 December 2017. Early afternoon visitor

Above video clip: Checking out the new pad?