Barn Owl webcam Shamraig Caillagh-oie

Watch the wild Barn Owls in our Isle of Man nest box - live! We are grateful to Adam and Bill Denard, Michael Howland, the landowners and to Sure Isle of Man for making this possible.

At night, the nestbox might be empty as the pair are often out hunting. During the day when they are roosting, they can sit almost motionless and you need to watch carefully for movement!

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Radio coverage

Listen to an edited version of Bob Carswell's interview with Manx Barn Owl Project Director Adam Denard, featured in Shiaght Laa on Manx Radio (12 April 2018):

Chronology (video clips and images archive)

Our Barn Owls are wild birds. They are free to come and go. If you are looking at the live feed above and the nestbox is empty, or if you simply wish to enjoy some of the action we have previously recorded, check out these images and video clips:

03 June 2018. Hatchling #3 greets the world

Third Barn Owl hatchling 03 June 2018
Above image: Three hatchlings. It's going to be a busy household

01 June 2018. Meet hatchling #2

Second hatchling 01 June 2018
Above image: And then there were two ... hatchlings

30 May 2018. Meet hatchling #1

First Barn Owl hatchling 30 May 2018
Above image: Our first glimpse of hatchling number one

10 May 2018. Six eggs!

Six Barn owl eggs
Above image: The clutch of six eggs

02 May 2018. Three eggs now! Tree oohyn nish!

Above video clip: Now three eggs.

27 April 2018. We have eggs! Ta oohyn ain!

Above video clip: The first egg.

09 March 2018. Early morning mating

Above video clip: Early morning mating.

08 March 2018. Early evening bonding

Above video clip: Two birds! First mating.

08 March 2018. Late afternoon domestics

Above video clip: Longtail meal time.

08 March 2018. Morning activity

Above video clip: 'Here's looking at you kid!'

20 February 2018. Late evening inspection

Above video clip: This new carpet looks interesting!

19 December 2017. Early afternoon visitor

Above video clip: Checking out the new pad?