Manx Bird Records Committee (MBRC)

The Manx Bird Records Committee (MBRC) is the official adjudicator of rare and scarce bird records in the Isle of Man, including rare breeding species.

Through its adjudications, the MBRC maintains the official Manx List of wild birds, which documents all species deemed to have occurred in a wild state in the Isle of Man.

MBRC members are appointed by the Committee of the Manx Ornithological Society (MOS). The MBRC's annual Manx Bird Report is published in the Society's journal, Peregrine.

Guidance on submitting records of rare and scarce birds

Records of species considered rare or scare in the Isle of Man are reviewed by the MBRC. Records that are deemed to have been 'proven' (supported by a description giving adequate proof of identification and circumstances) are added to the official Manx record.

The official Manx List of species deemed to have occurred in the wild in the Isle of Man indicates those rare and scarce species for which a description is required, as follows:

* MBRC = Species that are rare or scarce in the Isle of Man; assessed by MBRC;

** MBRC & BBRC = Species as above, but which are also considered rarities in the British Isles; assessed by MBRC in the first instance and forwarded for consideration by the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC) for inclusion in BBRC's annual rarities totals. (NB. Species that have occurred in the Isle of Man, but not in the British Isles, feature in the Manx List maintained by MBRC but not in the British List maintained by BBRC.)

Records of rare breeding birds in the Isle of Man should also be notified to MBRC in the first instance. These records are shared with the Rare Breeding Birds Panel (RBBP) for compilation and analysis.

For any species requiring a description, please download and complete a Description Form:



As well as completing a Description Form, we would be grateful if you would also report your records online using the sightings form on this website. You can note in the ‘Details’ box that a full description is being provided.
A time of taxonomic flux

Through the work of MBRC, BBRC and other dedicated national and regional bodies, the British Ornithologists' Union (BOU) maintains the British List, the official list of wild birds records in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales and associated waters).

In January 2017, following a detailed review, the BOU announced its adoption - with effect from January 2018 - the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) World Bird List for all its taxonomic needs, including the British List. MBRC has decided to follow suit. As result, the Manx List will be regularly updated to reflect the taxonomic order and species/sup-species taxa of the Word Bird List.

Currently serving MBRC members

David Kelly, National Recorder (Voting Member)
Neil G. Morris, Secretary (Voting Member)
Chris M. Sharpe (Voting Member)
Allen S. Moore (Voting Member)
Aron Sapsford (Voting Member)

Chris Sharpe

Chris M. Sharpe
(Voting Member)

Allen S. Moore

Allen S. Moore
(Voting Member)

Neil G. Morris

Neil G. Morris
(Voting Member)

How are Isle of Man bird records managed?
An overview of the management of Isle of Man bird records
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