Manx Bird Records Committee (MBRC)

The Manx Bird Records Committee (MBRC) is the official adjudicator of rare bird records in the Isle of Man. It publishes its annual report in the journal Peregrine and its members are appointed by the Committee of the Manx Ornithological Society (MOS).

Through its adjudications, the MBRC maintains the official Manx List of wild birds. This documents all species deemed to have occurred in a wild state in the Isle of Man.

Records of scarce and rare Manx species as well as rare Manx breeding species are reviewed by the MBRC. Those supported by adequate proof of identification and circumstances, and hence deemed to have been proven, are added to the official Manx List. Records of species that are rare in the wider context of the British Isles archipelago are scrutinised by the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC), while records of rare Manx breeding birds are notified to the Rare Breeding Birds Panel (RBBP).

Currently serving MBRC members

Chris Sharpe

Chris M. Sharpe
National Recorder
(Voting Member)

Allen S. Moore

Allen S. Moore
(Voting Member)

Neil G. Morris

Neil G. Morris
(Voting Member)

A time of flux

At the time of writing, Brexit is not the only great upheaval in our personal and ornithological lives.

Through the work MBRC, BBRC and other dedicated national and regional bodies, the British Ornithologists' Union (BOU) maintains the British List, the official list of wild birds records in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales and associated waters). In January 2017, following a detailed review, the BOU announced that it will adopt - with effect from January 2018 - the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) World Bird List for all its taxonomic needs, including the British List.

As result, the Manx List will be updated to reflect the taxonomic order and species/sup-species taxa of the Word Bird List. This is currently work in practice and we shall report when this is complete.

Submitting records of rare and scarce Manx birds

Please use the online submissions form to send us your records. For rare and scarce Manx birds, please include a suitable description of the circumstances in which you found the bird, the specific observations you made and the basis for making the identification, along with field sketches and photographs wherever possible. See the official Manx List for details of which species are considered rare and scarce.

An overview of the management of Isle of Man bird records
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